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Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Anyone who has read Patricia St. John's books already knows how her stories come alive, and this account of her own life is no exception.

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Her powers of description make the story leap from the page and the reader is transported to far off places and times; and the people and the things she describes can almost be touched, smelled and seen. Patricia was not just a gifted story-teller, though; she was also a deeply committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose spiritual journey began when she was only six years old.

Although she always thought of herself as 'an ordinary sort of girl' , her life was extraordinary because of her supreme love for Jesus Christ. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The writers were considered dangerous-heretics even.

They were imprisoned-banished-exiled. Their crime? They were teaching that They were teaching that Christians could experience inner communion with God through something they called inward prayer. From her memories of a year lived in alpine Switzerland she wrote her second book, Treasures of the Snow. John Patricia St. JohnPatricia St. JohnPatricia Saint-John. This author page uses material from the Wikipedia article "Patricia St. Chronological List. Alphabetical List. Available Only List. Missionary Muses on the Creed Paperback.

The Secret Boat Paperback. A Christmas Collection Hardcover. The women trusted her and Patricia had many patients. She also traveled to nearby villages. Over the years many women and children came to the Lord. In the government took over the hospital.

Story of Saint John Part-1 - English - Story of Saints For Kids

Patricia stayed on to nurse her ailing mother who had moved there to spend her remaining years on earth with her children. John went to be with the Lord. In the Moroccan government ordered Patricia and Farnham out of the country. Patricia returned to England. Over the next few years Patricia visited Beirut to care for her sister.

She also went to the Horn of Africa when was a terrible famine there, the hardest hit country being Ethiopia. In , Patricia worked among the poor starving people feeding and caring for babies. As usual after this experience Patricia wrote a book. This book, based on Ethiopia is called, I Needed a Neighbor.

ISBN 13: 9781850782797

For the remaining years of her life, Patricia kept busy. She died in her sleep on November 6, after a short illness.

She was missed sorely by all of the children who lived nearby. Her sister, Hazel, was able to soothe the children with the knowledge that Patricia was with the Lord Jesus, whom she had known since she was a child like them. An of course, the wonderful fiction stories based on real life events:.

Rainbow Garden. We thank God for Patricia St. Her stories have not only provided uplifting and wholesome reading for children, but scores of children have come to understand more about their Savior and how to love Jesus through the ministry of this wonderful woman. John , Tanglewood's Secret 7 Comments.

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