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A DIY budget Christmas: 99 great gifts to start right now
Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Make It Yourself: Frugal Crafts & Home file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Make It Yourself: Frugal Crafts & Home book. Happy reading Make It Yourself: Frugal Crafts & Home Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Make It Yourself: Frugal Crafts & Home at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Make It Yourself: Frugal Crafts & Home Pocket Guide. But, you could do something aside from monogramming if you prefer. Create custom mugs with your own initials and the date of your wedding or if you know who will be at the wedding, you can make custom monogrammed mugs for each and every one of your guests to take home afterwards. Here in the South, mason jar drinking glasses are very common.

Everyone has at least one in their cabinet, which makes these custom drinking glasses the perfect DIY wedding favor. Then you just draw or paint the design that you want to include or even embellish it with the date of your wedding. This is such a neat idea! You can buy fortune cookies in bulk from many different manufacturers. Once you get them — and this is a bit time-consuming — you just take tweezers and remove the fortune that is in them and replace it with your own special message.

These burlap coffee and tea bags are great and your guests are sure to love them. You can buy small burlap sacks or you can make them yourself — which is actually the least expensive option.


Just add coffee beans or tea — or a combination of both — and then tie them up with ribbon or twine. Give the gift of deliciousness when you offer your guests these homemade extracts. You can choose any flavor that you want or make a combination of different flavors, labeling them so that guests can choose their favorites. The extracts are really simple to make and create a wonderfully unique wedding favor for your guests.

Small jelly jars are perfect for housing homemade granola and your guests are going to really love this wedding favor. Granola is not at all difficult to make, or you could buy it already made and just pour it into the jars. Label your jars with a special thank you message to your guests and tie the lids up with twine or ribbon to make them extra-special. Body scrub is a great gift to off your wedding guests. This is more a gift for women but there are plenty of men who enjoy a nice relaxing scrub now and again. You just make the scrub in bulk and then add it to mason or jelly jars.

Add your special message on a label or tag and tie it all up with ribbon or twine. Treat your guests to a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate after the festivities with these homemade hot cocoa kit wedding favors. You can even add special flavors and labels so that guests can choose the ones they want or make all of your hot cocoa recipes the same and just add a label with your special thank you message and directions for whipping up their hot cocoa.

They make wonderful wedding favors for your guests when you add a label with your names and special date — as well as the flavor of your oil. Small glass bottles can be found at any craft supply store and you can get the corks for the lids really cheap, as well. These little lace tambourines serve a dual purpose. Not only do they serve as a wonderful wedding favor for your guests, they also help your wedding attendees to really send you off on the honeymoon in style. They can shake their tambourines as you leave. Guests will really love receiving this lovely jelly as their wedding favor.

You can make any jelly that you want. The gist of the idea is to label the jelly jars with your names and even the date of your wedding. These are great for a rustic outdoor wedding and you can even add a small loaf of homemade bread — if you have a lot of time and really want to make your guests feel special. You can hit up yard sales and thrift stores and get a collection of small glass bottles to store the lemonade or put it in small jelly jars. Lemonade mix is a wonderful gift and you can add a custom label with your special thank you message and the recipe for mixing up their drinks.

If you have the local market for it, honey is a great DIY wedding favor. These are adorable little jars that you can dress up with ribbon or burlap and they are definitely something that your guests will love. You can easily DIY a few glass magnets to give to your guests as a memento of your special day. Matchbook covers are a traditionally popular wedding favor, although having them customized with your names and date can get rather expensive when most printers charge by the word. Heart Ladybug Craft. Check it out. Related Posts.

Handprint Heart Craft Handprint arts make the most adorable keepsake for family and friends and if you are…. Heart Card Make a cute Valentine's day card from the heart - the heart card. Heart Corner Bookmarks What a wonderful Valentine heart corner bookmarks can be, and you can even make them….

Whether you need a photo prop or just a fun…. Comments Thank you for this quick and easy craft ideas to keep the kids busy with this huge collection. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. These are great suggestions in a pinch. How easy, cheap, useful and special!? I can pick a special paper for each and every person on my list. Humm… so many different ways to make ones Christmas even better. I liked the 24 about love coupons. My husband is a amateur winemaker. Not very long though. I am going to buy a little something for each one bottle that I found recently online.

Cheap and goes well with the wine. It these cute little wallet-sized wine reference guides I found. I bought one for myself and liked it, so everyone is getting one. Were you dropped on your head when you were a small boy? Regardless, away with you, Mr. As a fine china lover, the teacup candles make me shudder. Just be careful not to use Limoges! One gift I am giving is organizing photos from my parents ENORMOUS collection to send to a company that digitizes them so they can put it on their digital picture frame and as computer backgrounds and screensavers and such.

Totally worth it should you have a flood or some other disaster. Honestly I love the photos idea, we did a similar thing many years ago and it went over well.. A personal new idea for this year is finding a toy that my little brother used to love when he was a baby. He lost this toy many years ago and I just recently found it buried in a closet. Good article but I hate the link to BuyNothingChristmas.

They are a bunch of whackjobs. Unfortunately most of the vocal people against overspending at Christmas are either radical environmentalists, anti-capitalists, anti-business etc. For coworkers and friends I will be doing some homemade items with things like homemade kettle corn, Chex Mix, a fruit basket, homemade candies etc.

20 Inexpensive Homemade Gift Ideas

Great post! Christmas did not used to be so much about gifts and commercialism, not until the 20th century or perhaps beginning in the Victorian era, approximately the s. Perhaps you are just having a little post-election meltdown. I gave fake fur, camo, bright red, hunter orange. They played and played with it—tents, costumes, wild animals, army, flags, picnics, etc. We also host a Christmas party with a Tacky Gift Exchange.

Most items are recycled and everyone gets a laugh. Stack two boxes, tie with ribbbon. I also print instructions very tiny to fit under the fudge for poking a hole in the corner and using the ribbon to make the boxes into Christmas ornaments. Takes time, but I give these to the dozens of teachers and co-workers I need to give a gift to for very little money. Two years ago our Moroccan exchange student wanted to give something to her host grandpa my FIL.

He visited a port in Morocco in the Korean War, so she found pics on the internet of then and now, along with other pics of Morocco, printed and put them all in a clear-cover folder. My husband did a similar thing a few years ago, compiling pics and histories of the four ships he served on, which he also enjoyed. Andrea, in the about section they stated they were anti-capitalist. Reading more on it just turned me off of them completely.

Plus they came off as a bit self-righteous but whatever. By the way, I was at one point in my life a photographer so I may take some of my photos and make them into prints for people. I just need to find a good Kodachrome scanning service. The crafty ones would end up in my garbage though that piggy is cute, but still. We hung up a sheet and played a film on the projector. I got one for my boyfriend and he loved it. You can write all kinds of funny stuff…. My boyfriend thought it was super cute! I loved this post so much, I featured it over at my blog for my readers.

My own little tidbit: I am a photographer and am very interested in essential oils. Some of our loved ones are receiving framed photos of Arizona sunsets that I shot from our back yards, per their requests, for their homes. Others are getting oil blends with a burner or other aromatherapeutic items that I concoct myself something different for each person. I was doing some searching online and thought I should point out that 5 might not be such a great idea, as is. However, my sister makes bedwarmers out of old socks and rice for personal use, not gifts and says they work great.

These are great ideas!! I am thinking about the candles for my social group that meets at a local coffee shop. If anybody has ideas on what else I can put in the basket, please let me know. I would suggest trying to get healthy-ish foods, but still tasty like dried mango, yum! Also print out and staple together a posture guide and toss in a back massager those little hand held ones with the four nobs , sitting at a computer can really mess with your back. Wonderful suggestions. A couple years ago, I started sending out a personal favorite recipe with all of my Christmas cards as a gift for the holidays.

Certainly much better than a bill! I now buy cards from charities so that a charity gets the benefit. I make the caramel corn recipe from Cooking Light for many friends. I love the ideas though and want to branch out more. My older brother has everything he needs.

One year I made him and his wife a scrapbook of family photos focussed on the new baby. I worked days on it. It turned out to be a wonderful gift for the whole family! Part of the fun of Christmas for me is finding something so wonderfully perfect for that person. Last Christmas we decided to have old 35mm slides scanned for my parents.

And after receiving the DVD back from digmypics. Gifts for pets and other animals. Gourmet ice cream sauces are easy to make and package in a jar with a bow. Mulling spice mix—again in a nice jar with a bow, along with a half gallon of cider. Spicy nut mixes—also easy to make and customize flavors.

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Everyone loves drinking during the holidays. Infuse the vodka with just about anything. The new infusion will take on the color and flavor you chose. I, too, was just thinking about how I would save some money this oh-so-tight holiday. My husband and I just bought our first home, and want to give thoughtful gifts without breaking the piggy bank. This site was just what I needed, and the responses offered many additional perfect ideas!

We have a digital video camera that we bought when we lived frivolously. This is a great post! Indeed, this is truly a great list! I think my favorite this year is baking cookies for friends and shipping them. What a wonderful article with such unique ideas. I really enjoy this. We need to get back to honoring Jesus and giving simple gifts that come from the heart! I suggest also that people consider old-fashioned tree decor like popcorn, cranberries, etc.

I have already asked to people to give me a favorite charity of theirs so I can make the donation. The whole family agreed to give simple, homemade and functional gifts this year. I am making lounge pants and scarves for the twenty somethings. Wish me luck. Making a laptop messenger bag for my brother. Giving a lot of canned and home baked goods to coworkers, and making tote bags for the girls in my knitting group. We are also making fabric gift bags so that we cut back on the waste and expense of wrapping paper.

I should explain that most of the fabric that I am using was picked up at auctions this summer. Buy bath towels in various colors. Then lay them out and sew velcro on one of the long side to make wraps. Make sure you put it on the front of one end and the back of the other so they overlap.

See a Problem?

They work great and it keeps the towels in place while fixing your hair or applying make-up and men can use them too. Why not scan and fix up old family photos with photoshop… reprints can be done for a few cents at most drug stores… throw them in a cheap black frame Ikea sells these for super cheap made of sustainable woods..

This is one of the best and most useful lists I have ever seen. I will most certainly be using several of these ideas and also some of the great stuff suggested by the commenters. I love all of these great ideas! And maybe that money we normally spend can go towards a vacation! Thanks for the ideas! I was completely done with Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, Christmas stockings. I stopped giving Christmas gifts to everyone, and I asked people not to give me any I have way too much stuff in my life as it is It is amazing how much simpler my life has been since then.

I look at the mad rush of holiday shoppers each season, and the unbelievably huge pile of waste it creates and I breathe a massive sigh of relief. On Christmas friends and I go out for dim sum and then see a movie, and call it a day. Or honor a cherished family member who has recently passed away. They shake it around and let the items shift in the ornamet. I love the I Spy ornaments ideas! I have also heard of I Spy quilts- you buy a bunch of fabric remnants and cut them into squares and quilt them together.

Then you give the quilt to a child along with a list of things to find on their quilt. Makes a nice before-bed winding down activity for toddlers. I think it is really easy to get carried away with the idea of making all these things and then just run out of time and end up running to the store and spending unnecessarily just to have a gift. I guess the most important thing is to start early! I have to add my two cents here. I LOVE all of these ideas! For the last two years, my significant other has gone way overboard with gifts. He got me a flatscreen as well.

I have to be very careful not to focus on the homemade stuff I get, no matter how much more I like it, because it feels like he spends so much money that it would be heartless not to show as much appreciation as such a lavish gift deserves. It just leads to a huge issue, though, when I feel like I have to compete against his big spending with my homemade picture frames and quilts!! I made photo blocks for all of my siblings and in-laws last year. Sand the edges, and paint the blocks in nuetral colors.

Glue pictures of places or family members four sides and a quote about rememberance on the top, and then give singly or as a set. My husband has 4 siblings, and I have five, so I glued two pictures to a block and put quotes on three sides, then gave every one three blocks. They worked out great and cheap. I also made some with black and white photos of my mom and her siblings for my aunts and uncles. Thanks for all the great ideas on this post!!! I love Christmas because of the food, midnight mass and seeing my family.

It is just a great time, even with no gifts. Caroling, cocoa, bundling up, watching Christmas specials and listening to music, trimming the tree and visiting, there is so much! I love it! I am from a big Italian family.

As we have all grown older, we have moved away and my aunt and grandfather just died 2 years ago the first deaths for my family. So, to keep us all closer, I made a family tree with the software Inspiration and an address book with birthdays, addresses duh! I put both items on a writable CD. Then I found an old family movie where we were all singing and dancing we are a fun group when put together with food! I cried when I watched it because it was such a wonderful memory forgotten!

So, I ordered a few copies and had a friend burn a whole bunch for me. The shipping costed more than anything. But it was the time I invested and what I got out of it that meant more than anything to me. Now, my cousins, uncles, aunts, etc. It was so appreciated by everyone. It made my year. These are wonderful ideas. I tried to bow out of Xmas altogether, but got a lot of not-so-much-fun feedback from the families.

So now I do it my way. I tailor as much as I can to their tastes, but I would not buy something expensive just because they gave me an expensive gift or would have preferred a store-bought gift. They are being true to who they are and so am I! DVD slideshows using PhotoStory on my computer. These are put to music using the software.

Leaf prints. I just painted the fall leaves with acrylic paint or metallic paint and pressed onto art paper. Jalapeno jelly made at home from store bought peppers. Really easy to do. Made grocery store plastic bag holders from cool dish towels. Template at Martha Stewart. These were a big hit. Used scrap fabric for covers all tied up with a ribbon. I use these to print out a favorite photo and either mount on art paper or buy a frame to give as a gift. Baked lots of things for gifts: cookies, pies, home made bread, and made candy and spiced nuts. For kids, put together a bag or box of scrap paper, good paper, stamps and ink pad, buttons, and small items such as pins, sequins, etc.

Included glue and markers from the dollar store. Many are quite beautiful and sturdy, made of wood. I cover with fabric, or scrapbook paper, photos and memorabilia, line the inside with felt and give as a treasure box to kids or a memory box to adults. Made an personalized art jar. Take a mason jar or any pretty jar, put cotton or raffia or fabric in the bottom, cut out a picture of someone this was for my brother.

The result is an outline of just him with background cut away. His was a baby picture. I glued the picture standing up, inside the jar onto the padding at the bottom. Around the inside of the sides of the jar, I put small pictures, phrases and stories onto paper and glued them to the jar. Things like his name, his place of birth, his favorite things, his work, whatever suits. I took a pottery class and everyone got novice pottery that year.

Home made sachets with lavendar, eucalyptus and rosemary. Music CDs. Collage art using scrap paper, paint, geegaws, and anything else I have laying around the house. This year instead of stressing about getting the right gift for the right person and stressing about the money and time involved in the shopping process, I am making gifts. Included in the baskets are the following: -Nail clippers -Thin cotton socks -nail polish -Bath salts, soaks, soap, foot soaks, bath fizzies, body lotion, lip balm all handmade and organic -emery board -Candle handmade as well Basically anything pertaining to skin care and foot care will be in the baskets.

For men I will put a pumice stone and a nice razor in the basket and omit the ladylike things, of course. I am making these for 7 completely different people from ages and I think they will be a big hit. I am also knitting scarfs for the women on my list and putting applique flowers on them to dress them up a bit. For my neighbor and the rest of the people on my list I am making Almond Bark, which is incredibly easy!

All you do is get a back of white chocolate chips and add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and melt it all down in a double boiler. Then you spread onto a wax paper lined sheet pan and top with your choice of almonds, crushed candy canes, sprinkles or any other candy or nut you like!

They are delcious! Very adorable. Of all the pros that I find in making these gifts, perhaps the best is that these are taking a lot more time and love to make then the average gift card does. Also, it helps to teach my kids the beauty of the true meaning of Christmas and is a lot of fun for us to make together! For those not in the know, Honeydukes is the sweetshop in the wizarding village of Hogsmeade in the Harry Potter books. If you allow it to become a big marketing tool with no meaning, then that is your decision. I think allowing Christmas to be ruined by the corporate giants is a sad move on your part.

I spent the afternoon looking through all the ideas on the pages, and although they are very good ideas, I think what I am going to choose to give my loved ones and friends is my TIME. We forget that what this season is really about is spending moments with the people we love and who love us back.

Having just lost my mom a few months ago and my dad only a few years ago, I realize now that life is short, so we need to enjoy all the years we have together making memories not coming up with trivial gifts. Have a wonderful Holiday Season. So we are giving away hours of our time instead of anything that would cost us money or clutter up their house.

We had been dating for about 3. But I had a picture of us and a little sentence or two following. D was for Driving; the first 2 years of our relationship was long distance so we would drive a lot, and back and forth together; we also got a lot of talking and problem solving done in the car, so I just let him now how important that time was to me.

Food Gifts with Wow-Factor

To make, clamp the pillowcase into the hoop, tie on a loop of ribbon to the hoop's clamp, and hang near your hamper. Wow, it sounds like a bunch of people on this website are a buch of Ba-Humbugs! Small jelly jars are perfect for housing homemade granola and your guests are going to really love this wedding favor. Giving a lot of canned and home baked goods to coworkers, and making tote bags for the girls in my knitting group. We had been dating for about 3. But i do not have a sewing machine can you sew it by hand?

G was for Guitar, because he used to write songs for me, and I put in the lyrics to my favorite songs…and so on. At the end I added a few more pictures and some comments. I also added in a few of our online conversations from early in our relationship as well as a journal entry that I wrote about him. I am not the scrap booking type, so I tried to stay away from it looking too scrapbooky. I drew all of my letters and outlined them in black permanent marker and colored them in is colored pencil.

I wrote everything by hand except for my journal entry or conversations which were pasted into the book because their original form made more sense. It took a long time. I did use some scrapbook embellishments and stickers, but kept it to a real minimum. Honestly…when you see a 25 year old guy cry over a gift a big hockey playing macho non-crying guy …you know you did a good job.

I am not creative, and so I especially appreciate it when creative people share—your gift to us in your online community. My dad would not really like these things. I am thinking I will make one of those picture holder things; clay base with a long piece of wire bent like a paper clip at the end to hold pictures But if anyone has a better idea PLEASE let me know. And ask for the bakeable clay. Clay comes in a lot of cool and fun colors, and remember, you can blend colors to give a swirl design! Next, squish the clay in your hands until it is flexible and soft.

Next where ever there are holes in the plate, use a knife or toothpick to clear out the holes. I would remove it from your website as you should never encourage illegal activity, even if your intentions are sincere. When I was younger my grandmother would make some of my christmas and birthday presents. I got homemade doll clothes, carriers, and toys. They sometimes looked exactly like the ones you could buy and were sometimes very different. I used them all the time. My dad also made me doll beds one year, which I still have and loved.

My grnadfather made me dog agility equipment out of pvc pipe when I was interested in doing that. Now I mae gifts for the rest of my family. I make a lot of jewelry and gift ot to a lot fo people. I make diffeent styles and colors depending on the person. I made my grandmother greeting cards with pictures of flowers on them that she can send to her friends.

I made my grandfather a notepad. I never feel bad about giving homemade gifts to my classmates. The homemade gifts are always well thought out and proffesional looking. It woks wonderfully and I save a lot of money. For the vanilla extract put a vanilla bean cut down the middle in a small jar and fill with vodka. Let it sit for weeks and you have yourself vanilla extract! For the wine glasses I am using stencils of their initials and etching cream from the craft store.

For a more luxurious take, it can be done with a sob! A cashmere hand warmer could be a lovely luxury! What a helpful little selection here! I have to punch in my ideas too! Last year my mom made goodie boxes for grandma and great grandma and everyone. This year were making custom blankets too!

Oh my goodness, this is the best article EVER. This is exactly what I need for the season and also for birthdays, other holidays, just because presents, etc. Great suggestions!

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Thanks for all your effort posting links! A gold frame from an antique mirror, a page from an old anatomy book I picked up in London and movement with serpentine hands from a thrift store clock I bought for 2 dollars. On their own, these things were laying around our house not being put to use. When combined they make an interesting and artistic timepiece. There are a million things to make clocks out of such as hubcaps, old damaged vinyl records, driftwood. You name it. There are piles of discarded clocks on thrift store shelves waiting to be re-imagined for a thoughtful Christmas gift.

This year my oldest daughter is finally big enough to be getting into the holidays. So we bought her some poster paint easier for little ones than water colors and some finger paints. Then I gave her the paper covered cardboard and let her paint away! Inexpensive and great fun!! Cute line drawing. Now you are an artist.

The mirror idea is perfect for teenage girls!!! On one occasion I bought her a little cute recipe notebook at a yardsale. It was new but I got it cheap. I handwrote all her favorite recipes that I have made over the years on cards and filled the book. She loved it! I put pictures of me from childhood through the years until she was born. I made notations under the pictures.

She loved it too. This year I am making her a video of me telling stories about our life that makes her laugh. She loves me telling stories of things happening over the years. She can put the DVD in and watch me whenever she misses me. My sister passed away in April of this year. I am making a DVD for her three daughters and her grandson telling stories of my sister and me growing up. What a great way to keep your memories around forever! Thank you for the wonderful ideas! Wow, it sounds like a bunch of people on this website are a buch of Ba-Humbugs!

When people take time and put thought into a gift for you then you should appreciate it no matter what! These are great ideas. The love coupons and favors are always a good idea. But when a fire happened, the fire safe was no use. Everything inside was charred. I recommend an online storage site or emailing them to yourself or having multiple copies at different locations.

I cut out pictures or images from magazines and cover the whole frame. The last one I did was a combination of Shirley Bassey and red roses for my gran. It made her smile. Many thanks to the author of the post! Last Christmas, I printed out movie gift cards and paired them with movie popcorn bowls and snacks.

My siblings loved them, it made a great date night gift. Printable gift cards are great for at home gifting.

9 DIY Gifts for the Frugal Friend

No registration and free to use. On your computer design a label. The labels need to be printed on clear transparency paper and only on a LASER jet printer, so I took a copy printed on regular paper to a copy store and had mine done. I fit about 4 labels approx. I bought soap dispenser bottles and pump lids for cheap at U.

Plastics although a computer search should yield several companies. Each bottle and pump were way less than a dollar. Use a skinny pencil or long object to reach into bottle to straighten out the label and press it against the front of the bottle. Fill the bottle with clear soap or hand sanitizer.

Cut the length of the tube on the pump lid to fit the bottle and screw on the pump lid and tie with a cute ribbon and tag. This is great to do several bottles for teachers, neighbors, coworkers etc. I just made a customized diary for a crafty friend. Every 2 or 3 pages I wrote something at the bottom in calligraphy, nice colors : an aphorism, a beauty tip, a zen adage, or a riddle made up by myself, a joke mine, again etc — OR — glued a picture printed from the web, about the current season or her favorite actor.

Too late, lol… But hey, I know she has different values from mine. Those are some good ideas. Other people left some really good ideas in their comments also. They seemed to like it. It was fun, not too complicated used a sewing machine and pretty inexpensive. I did not find the website that useful but there were some good ideas. I might try the teapot candles idea, I think that my grandma would like that.

I really like some of the ideas you have here. I have another great project to add to the list. I started making these last xmas and everyone loved them. Recycled Wine Bottle Candles: take an empty wine bottle with a pretty label especially if it has sentimental value , cut bottle, sand edges, fill with soy wax and scent!

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I love this DIY vintage cake stand, its so pretty! That will leave me with a little bit of money to spend on him for Christmas. What would be a cheap, but really special gift to give him? I was really stuck on a christmas present to get my family when I finally got it! I made them a trivia game. I took humurous quotes from the past and put them on the front side of an index card and then i also put the answer on the other side. I repeated this with humerous: actions, personalities, and favorite words like whos favorite word is…. Anyway it was a big hit we played it all christmas and my family loved that I put so much time and effort into it : I hope this helps!

With the right equipment, some practice, time and the right yeast, these three can make great, tasty gifts. Great ideas compiled. I prefer giving out homemade gifts more so than most of what is bought in the stores. Most of my family and I are not rich by any means. Most of us have some artistic talent. Thank you for this compilation. Every year our family gets together and bakes Christmas goodies for our friends and family. We also make homemade salsa for gifts as well and pair it with some chips for our friends.

It has been a family tradition for many years, and our friends and family love it! Last Christmas I tried a teddy bear, but it looked like it was hit by a truck. I know how to do some embroidery, but making a doll is much harder…. This is a great list! It is really helpful and has sparked some creativity in me!