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It may take a few years before the total collapse begins, but it could all happen within a few months. To tell you the truth, it could even happen in a few days. What will happen when the fields start collapsing for good? The bell will toll for the sleepers. Temples and chapels will become empty of the presence of the gods. People will be taken completely by surprise. In the middle of a prayer their deity will become silent, and all the support they used to receive from the upper spheres will vanish. They will be stricken with fear, and they will become totally blind to the spiritual worlds.

Many of them will lose their mind. Some will lie prostrate and let themselves die, others will take to the streets like madmen, attacking each other for no reason. Nature too will turn mad. The warp of fields is used to control crops, so there will be entire years during which the land will yield no grain. There will be droughts as never recorded in the kingdom before. Great shortages of food, even famines will occur in parts of the land. In other places, there will be massive floods and tidal waves.

And throughout the kingdom, buildings will start melting. Without the fields, the plass can't stay alive. In a matter of months, the living walls of all edifices will liquefy. The most magnificent temples will be reduced to heaps of amorphous whitish substance. Not one house will be spared. Even tree houses will become an unlawful mess of branches. Expectably, the populace will be panic-stricken. People will flee in all directions, looking for food, but there will be no safe place to go.

The king's administration will soon be overwhelmed and prove incapable of controlling the situation. The remnants of temples and villages will be ransacked by hordes of bandits. And the people who survive the massacres and the famines will be stricken by strange, terrifying diseases. There will be corpses strewn in every field.

Darkness visible will be swamped by the wandering souls of the deceased, and there will be no priests to direct them. This in turn will cause an overflow of the Underworlds, and more plagues in the kingdom. Finally, after a few decades or a few generations of mounting chaos and misery, the Lord Melchisedek will have mercy and will end the suffering of men by causing torrential rains. For months and years the rain will fall, washing away the glory that was Atlantis.

Not one county will be spared. The entire kingdom will be engulfed. The savages in the remote lands, far beyond our eastern shores, may well be the only survivors. And it won't be long before they forget we even existed. When I could finally force words out, I asked, "Master Gervin, when did you say these things were going to happen?

And no one can predict the exact date of the beginning of the end.

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One day it lasted for 7 hours before it stopped. Dog Breeds October 1, at PM. My arm so heavy, writing again was more difficult this was no way to go. Community Reviews. Nobody is able to judge the changes and damages done to brain.

So many factors are involved. I used to think it could take up to twenty years before the situation in the county of Eisraim got really out of control.

Unbound Destinies

But now my guess is it will be much less than that. To be honest with you I have to tell you again, everything could collapse in a matter of months, even days. This is the beginning of the end. Gervin slowly walked back towards me and sat down. I sat too, thankful to put my weight on something solid. It will not prevent any of the disasters that are about to strike the kingdom, but if we succeed it will preserve a great deal of the knowledge of Eisraim, and of another temple as well.

I will explain more in the coming days, when you have got a better grasp of fields, streams and soft stones. But for now there is another important thing I want to tell you. In the troubled times which are coming, each of us will have to give their very best. I am personally asking you to move fast, Szar.

I know you are no longer a sleeper, and I know that you have gone through great hardships in the last years. Every day counts. I need you to be very strong. If you can I would like you to learn about soft stones with the team of Field Wizards who work under our great expert, Master Woolly. The man himself is not easy to get along with, but the Field Wizards around him are quite friendly.

Master Gervin, I had come with a particular question in mind, but after hearing your words I feel ashamed to even mention it. I was going to ask whether the Masters of Thunder can be married. It sounds like such a futile topic to mention, now. Gervin burst out laughing, making me wonder where he found the strength to laugh in such tragic times. He got up and came over to me, put his arm around my shoulders, and walked me to the door of the aquamarine chamber. It would have been excellent for your spiritual development.

But now," he became more serious, "I want you to be happy. Enjoy every lawful minute! Make my little Elyani as happy as you can. There is no rule saying whether the Masters of Thunder should be married or not. If we have made ourselves such a secret caste, it is precisely so we can follow our Truth, regardless of the sleepers' rules. The Masters of Thunder's only rule is to follow the integrity of the clear fountain. M y brother in Thunder welcomed me with one of his solar smiles and gave me a long hug.


What is happening to you? With my finger I pointed to the centres of energy above my head. Unlawfully startled by the explosiveness of the Warriors' Voice-laughter, Lehrmon lifted his right eyebrow, a strange flutter passing through his amber eyes. It made me realise how much I take for granted and don't know how to appreciate. Makes you wonder if it is only when people are about to lose something that they start to understand what it means to them. Lehrmon was Barkhan Seer's present to Teyani. Through him, Barkhan Seer poured his love into her. I went high up in my clear fountain and let it click with his.

I think you are a wonderful person. I've been thinking this for years, and yet I never told you. And I have never really thanked you for the support you gave me before I went to the temple of the Dragon. It made an enormous difference to me. It was not just illuminating, it was warm like the Eagle's love.

Still biting his lip, Lehrmon kept eye contact with me, letting his vibrantly compassionate light shine. Lehrmon made me sit by his side. Do you understand what the fields are about? Lehrmon welcomed such enthusiasm with a patient smile, a touch of irony imperceptibly lifting the corner of his mouth. When you enter the chapel of Lord Gana, you immediately feel the god's presence. You don't even have to tune in and try to connect with the god, his energy is already in the room.

All you have to do is be open, and let the presence flow inside you. The same is true of all chapels. When you enter the halls of Melchisedek for instance, you are immediately filled with the heartness of the Law and the special shining light of our Lord. As you may have noticed, the effect starts as soon as you cross the entrance.

It can be quite amusing if you are standing in the doorway. Take one step in and instantly you are flooded with the spiritual presence. Take one step back and you are in the normal world again. Lehrmon bit his lip again. For a few seconds he contemplated the living walls exquisite sapphire glows. He took a deep breath and continued, "If those chapels are so vibrant, it is because of the field within their walls. The field impresses a certain quality in the space of the hall, it activates particular laws of nature. This creates a resonance through which spiritual beings can make their presence felt.

Hence the verse of the Law: The fields are the vessels into which the gods pour their light. But there are other fields than those in the chapels.

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In a music hall for instance, the field helps the audience to tune high into the harmony of the spheres, and it enhances their artistic receptivity. Provided the right field is set up, the audience will be rapt. Lehrmon approved, raising his eyebrows. The field helps their digestion too. I found it difficult to imagine these fields fooling Nephilim people into enjoying the Eisraim style of cuisine, which they would still have found desperately boring.

From what I understand, the Great Warriors taught you much about healing. So you must be familiar with the meridians that run through people's body of energy. They are to astral space what meridians are to the body. They are a profound mystery, far more than just rivers or draughts in space. They have many facets. They exist on several levels at the same time. On their most subtle level, they are so highly spiritual that they are sometimes called the sweeping breath of God.

The grosser levels are nothing more than flows of elemental forces. You understand what elemental forces are? And there are some more sophisticated ones that rule the climate and the forces of nature. In the beginning, when the Lord Melchisedek upheld the fields which are the matrix of our spheres , he drew from the cosmic streams and made them shine with the Spirit of the Law.

Later on, when men were created, they learnt the hymns of the Law from the Primordial Sages. For thousands and thousands of years people lived perfectly happily, because the full glory of the Law was shining through the streams and enlightening the fields — these fields that Melchisedek had created for them in the beginning. There was peace and harmony on Earth. No one ever fell sick. People had long lives. The weather was always kind , and the land gave so many juicy fruits that no one had to till the land. Men's mandate was to chant the hymns of the Law and thus maintain the lawful integrity of the fields.

As the Law says, human beings fed the streams with their hymns and their rituals, the streams fed the fields with their power, and the warp of fields fed human beings with plentiful bounty. Everyone was happy, always. How did we get from there to the present looming disaster? Others say it was bound to happen with time, even if the Watchers had never descended on Mount Hermon.

Have you heard about the Nephilim, Szar?

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Had I heard about the Nephilim! I sighed.

Correct me if I am wrong, Lehrmon, but I was under the impression that some people blame the Nephilim for every single evil in the kingdom, while at the same time enjoying the use of soft stones, and many other wonders the Nephilim have introduced. Lehrmon added a touch of wit to his ever-shining smile. What you say is true indeed.


The Vessel (The White Aura Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Felicia Tatum. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The Vessel (White Aura) (Volume 2) [Felicia Tatum] on *FREE* See the Best Books of the Month Looking for Series: White Aura (Book 2).

I must tell you that after many years of study under Gervin and Esrevin, I have come to the conclusion that the deterioration of the fields is an extremely complex process that involves a great multiplicity of factors. In time, the Windmill Keepers came to use different hymns from those chanted in the beginning, and they achieved great wonders. The Windmill Keepers' essential function is to manifest the fields out of the streams. One legend says the first man to tap new powers from the fields was Tubal Cain.

He had a sister called Naamah. As the legend goes, Naamah was an exceptionally beautiful woman. Once, looking down to the kingdom, one of the Watchers happened to see her. He immediately fell in love with her and descended from the spheres straight into the kingdom to marry her. You have heard of the Watchers, haven't you? The Nephilim were their children. The dreaming I went through in that cave was bigger than the Law.


A Nephilim friend of mine who was an initiate of Verzazyel explained that the dream had taken place in the Watcher's mind. Lehrmon laughed. Initiates, moreover! And you went dreaming with them in the Watchers' caves of power. Szar, you're becoming a big boy in the Law! How did Lehrmon know my dream had taken place with Felicia? I preferred not to dwell on this topic. Then when she came back to visit her brother, she scorned him for being a sleeper and called him a blob-man. Those blob-men who spent their days lying on the beach, making children without even noticing, had always fascinated me.

But his sister, having enjoyed the shining light and the thrilling consciousness of the Watcher, underwent a profound transformation. She became so ashamed of how asleep her relatives were that she endeavoured to teach Tubal Cain how to become more awake and more powerful by tapping powers from the streams. This is how Tubal Cain became the first artificer, who taught men how to use brass and iron. I couldn't avoid thinking of long-haired Felicia. Later, it changed. But in the early stages, people only wanted to become more awake and achieve wonders through the fields. And yet the modifications they made to the fields were the first seeds for the total collapse now threatening us.

In the beginning of the kingdom, the task of the Windmill Keepers was quite straightforward. But to tap new powers from the streams, new rituals had to be introduced, which created new fields. So the Windmill Keepers added new rituals on top of the old ones, which introduced new forces in nature.

Generation after generation, more and more rituals were added. And it appeared that some of the rituals had conflicting results, they conjured powers that were incompatible with one another. At times, these caused great natural disasters: extinct volcanoes re-erupted, crops were destroyed by hailstorms, and so on. To restore balance, more rituals had to be introduced.

Century after century the scaffold of rituals escalated, adding fields on top of fields. Now thousands of types of rituals are performed throughout the kingdom every day. There is no longer one, but hundreds of castes of Windmill Keepers. To assist them, castes of Field Wizards who specialise in the maintenance of the warp of fields were introduced a few hundred years ago.

But so many forces are being conjured that even the greatest experts cannot keep track of them all. The situation has become so tangled that it is plainly unmanageable. Steven and Garnet then fuse into Sunstone, but White stomps on them with the leg ship. Sunstone lifts up the foot, however, and attacks the ships.

The White Aura

White simply swats them away, and the gems decide they have to fuse into Obsidian. They all start destroying the ship, with Obsidian managing to slice off both of the ship's hands. The Gems unfuse after being smashed against a pillar, and they enter White's ship through its eye.

White asks what Steven is doing and asks if he wants his legs and his planet back. Steven asks what White did to the other Diamonds, but White shushes him.

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She says that both Yellow and Blue are imperfect due to their light, but she is perfect, due to her having every light in the spectrum. She then says that Pink is the part of her that she has to repress. White says that she removed their flaws, and that her white light is sparkling through them.

She states that they are brilliant and that the flaws Steven caused them to have are gone, and they are perfect like her. Steven tries to tell her that they are perfect the way they are, but White says that Pink likes to surround herself with inferior gems so she can be the best of the worst. Steven says that it isn't true, and that even if it was, she'd be talking about his mom and not about Steven.

White laughs at this and says "your mom " in a mocking tone, but Connie arrives and White makes Pearl attack her. Steven tries to help but White makes Garnet and Amethyst grab him. Pearl disarms and grabs Connie. Steven tells her to let Connie go, but White says that it must feel good to surround himself with lower life forms, blaming everything on someone else.

She says that that was why he became Rose in the first place, in order to deceive his friends. Steven disagrees, saying that he isn't Rose, but White points out that he knows things that he couldn't possibly know if he wasn't Pink. Steven says that he was just connecting with her, but White says that even though Pink took the form of Steven, her light is still shining through.

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She then picks Steven up, saying that it's time to come out. It appears that neither of the two Stevens is complete without the other one. White and the Gems under her control try to stop the reunion, but Gem Steven creates a featureless, multi-faceted shield which blocks all of White Diamonds' attacks, then "pops", creating a powerful shockwave which forces everyone back. Both of them back away from her, saying that she is "off colored" after seeing her pink cheeks. White is startled, questioning if she is actually flawed.

Steven tells her to let people be who they are, and tells her that she can be what she wants to be. White says that she should know better, and that she should be better, and that she should make everything better. Steven says that she can, but she has to leave her own head. She then travels with Steven and the gems to Earth and witnesses the Off Colors arrive, meeting with the people of Beach City including Steven's father Greg Universe and Lion , and later helps cure all the Corrupted Gems. She then leaves Earth with Yellow and Blue as they go back to Homeworld. White Diamond possesses standard Gem abilities , but since she is a Diamond, her abilities are expected to be much greater than other Gems.

Since both Yellow and Blue Diamond showed fear of her, it could be concluded that she is much more powerful than the other Diamonds are. She didn't hesitate to control them with her powers when she considered them "flawed", but showed certain regret after the events. Be strong.

Finish strong. Sorry I can't come into work today. My dog said it's adventure time. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first; when you learn to live for others, they will live for you. Osprey Packs All Mighty Guarantee. Stay Connected. Email Signup Stay up to date on our latest news and promotions and receive exclusive deals. Photo Credits.

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