The Condor

The Condor
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go site The bond between the two was so deep that they swore to each other when their children were born, they would become sworn siblings if they were the same gender or be married if one was a boy and one was a girl.

The Flight of the Condor

Enchanted by her beauty, Wanyan Honglie later returned and ordered her family to be murdered and took her back to his kingdom. Bao Xiruo , believing her husband was dead, married Wanyan Honglie as a form of gratitude for saving her was her savior.

The Condor

After marriage however, she did not live with him in the palace, she chose instead to live alone in a simple cottage. Her son, Yang Kang grew up in the palace and was treated by Wanyan Honglie like his own flesh and blood.


Meanwhile, after the death of her husband, Guo Xiaotian , Li Ping was rescued by Mongolian soldiers and brought to their country. The second part of the story focuses on the events that both of their sons underwent. This event led to his subsequent tutelage under Jebe and his closeness with the Khan and his family.

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Our film invites white and privileged people to follow the call from Indigenous communities. In keeping with the Secret Service theme, the quotation is variously redacted to give the episode name. Looking beyond official narratives of compromise and solidarity, this book invites readers to witness the diplomatic jostling behind the curtains, the making and breaking of alliances, and the confrontation and resistance, all of which marked the path towards agreement and shaped the convention and the concept. Aegosexual Simmsy Edit Details Official Sites: official site.

She had previously blinded Ke Zhen'e and murdered his older brother. He held up the little Guo Jing , trying to threaten the Jiangnan Qi Guai , but the frightened Guo Jing took out the dagger carved with Yang Kang 's name, stabbed Chen Xuanfeng in the navel, killing him.

Yang Kang , on the other hand, grew up in luxury and great comfort in the royal court of Jin. His step-father, Wanyan Honglie loved his mother so much that the affections he had for the mother was also transferred to the son. Unknown to both, Jiangnan Qi Guai leader, Ke Zhen'e had previously made a bet with Qiu Chuji that they would teach both boys martial arts and let them duel upon reaching the age of eighteen.

Even though Qiu Chuji was a noble patriot, his tutelage of Yang Kang was motivated by competitiveness to win the bet.

The Condor

Yang Kang grew up with decent martial arts skills and a mastery of cunningness, from being raised by Wanyan Honglie. Mei Chaofeng, who was blinded in that battle, later attempted to avenge her husband. Learn more.

Flight of the Condor

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The act of rearing up like a bird mid-cloitis, and screeching like a condor or for the more patriotic, a Bald Eagle. MedFet Concentration camp Frind Spurgt