The Rules of Surplus (Japanese Edition)

Japan Posts First Current-Account Surplus in Four Months
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Imports for the year to March 31 tumbled Exports dropped 3. The resource-poor nation relies heavily on energy imports.

TOKYO (11 a.m.)

Traveling with Cancelled Passport. With the guidance of… View Game. Cover Me. Destination X. The rest of the proceeds are then on-lent to developing country borrowers as year floating raobligations.

Reflecting a fall in energy prices, imports of crude oil fell With the yen showing an average 10 percent appreciation against the dollar, Japan also saw the value of its exports drop for the year to March 31, the Finance Ministry said in a preliminary report.

But he would also monitor the effects of U. Gas stations are out of fuel. There is panic buying and hoarding. Loyalty to the group is being tested. At present, though, our greatest concern is the crisis at the nuclear reactors in Fukushima. There is a mass of confused and conflicting information.

Japan's current account surplus rose in first half of 2018 on foreign investments

Some say the situation is worse than Three Mile Island, but not as bad as Chernobyl; others say that winds carrying radioactive iodine are headed for Tokyo, and that everyone should remain indoors and eat lots of kelp, which contains plenty of safe iodine, which helps prevent the absorbtion of the radioactive element. An American friend advised me to flee to western Japan. Some people are leaving Tokyo, but most remain. I want to remain here, side by side with my family and friends and all the victims of the disaster.

I want to somehow lend them courage, just as they are lending courage to me. View all New York Times newsletters.

Japan 'has hit us hard'

And, for now, I want to continue the stance I took in my hotel room: I will trust the words of better-informed people and organizations, especially scientists, doctors and engineers whom I read online. Their opinions and judgments do not receive wide news coverage.

But the information is objective and accurate, and I trust it more than anything else I hear.

You can find whatever you want here. One might say the opposite today: evacuation centers are facing serious shortages of food, water and medicine; there are shortages of goods and power in the Tokyo area as well.

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  7. Japanese trade rebounds with ¥721 billion surplus in June;

Our way of life is threatened, and the government and utility companies have not responded adequately. Thieliant said the United States could use a possible exemption for Japan as a bargaining chip to move forward talks on trade. After renegotiating a free trade deal with South Korea , the Trump administration said South Korean exporters would be largely exempt from the new steel and aluminum tariffs. Even a new trade agreement may not reduce America's trade deficit with Japan by much. That yawning gap isn't the result of traditional trade barriers like tariffs.

Experts say Japan has a fiercely competitive auto market where sales are declining and American cars have long been seen as ill-suited for Japanese consumers. Related: It's not tariffs keeping American cars out of Japan, it's Japan itself. Fiat Chrysler FCAU , which has recently increased sales in Japan, says its success is the result of adapting to the local market.

That includes adding features to its vehicles, such as wing mirrors that fold in quickly when parking. Pontus Haggstrom, the CEO of the company's Japan operations, said the country does have some unique requirements for testing and certification of imported vehicles.

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This is a digitized version of an article from The Times's print archive, before " What the figures show is that Japan's surplus should have been. This is a digitized version of an article from The Times's print archive, before Japan's trade surplus plunged percent in October, to $

Why American cars aren't big in Japan. Navarro: Exemption is not 'a get out of tariff free card'.

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