Medical Journal of the Emigrant Ship Elizabeth (Allens Upper Canada Series Book 5)

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William Tracy, 22 years, b. Margaret Tracy, 20, b.

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Cultivator , Liverpool to New York 12 Sep George Tracey, 34, M, plummer, Kildare. Francis Tracey, 16, M, painter, Kildare. Ann Tracy of Dublin. Britain, New York. Ship Wyoming , Liverpool to Philadelphia 8 July, Edward Tracy 1 Box. Patrick Tracey, 18, M, labourer, Roscommon. Britian, Between Decks. Irish passengers States, Lower Deck Passengers. Tracy, 20y, M, Labr, Ireland.

Thomas Tracey, 24, son, of Limerick. Elizabeth Fermanagh to St. Margaret Tracey 19 of Tempo. Thomas Tracy [see Cavan]. Tracey, 23, f, Ireland, U States, steerage. Ship Saranak, Liverpool to Philadelphia, May 11 Michael Tracy, 24, laborer, b. Malick Tracy, 20, laborer, b. Ship Wyoming , Liverpool to Philadelphia 19 October, John's Newfoundland to New York 16 March Ship Wyoming , Liverpool to Philadelphia June 20th [? States, Steerage 1. Matoaka Bristol 15 Nov to Lyttelton 10 Feb John Trac e y, 22 years, farm labourer.

Edward Tracy , 49, M, 14 Aug Margaret Tracy , 40, F, 14 Aug Bernard Tracy , 20, M, 14 Aug Daniel Tracy , 19, M, 14 Aug Patrick Tracy , 13, M, 14 Aug Nancy Tracy , 10, F, 14 Aug Maria Tracy , 7, F, 14 Aug Martin Tracy , 5, M, 14 Aug Michel Tracy , 5, M, 14 Aug Alexander Marshall New York Aug Patrick Tracy 29 [from Roscommon? Jno [John? Mohongo Derry to??? Ferrard Tracy. Philip Tracy, 20, labourer. Ann -, 24, Spinster, American. William Treacy, 20, M, labourer, Kings county. Mary Tracy, 48, F, servant, Galway. Mary Tracy? Patrick Tracy, 28, M, farmer, Clare.

Tracy, 28, F, matron, Clare. Mary Tracey, 16, F, spinster, Westmeath. Bridget Tracey, 30, house-keeper, b. Rosa Tracey, 11, b. Mary Tracey, 2, b. Catherine Tracey, infant, b. England [born on voyage died on Board]. John Tracey, 38, Engineer.

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States, Steerage. Victory , Liverpool to New York, arrived 11 Jun Peter Tracy , 23, M, 11 Jun Patrick Tracy , 17, M, 11 Jun Martin Tracy , 6, M, 11 Jun Maria Tracy , 5, F, 11 Jun Maria Tracy , 4, F, 11 Jun Bridget Tracy , 3, F, 11 Jun States, 2nd Cabin. SS Helvetia Liverpool. States, U. States, Forw'd Steerage. SS St. Britain, U. A, 2nd Cabin. States, Main Deck. States, Orlop Deck. States, Cabin. States, Forward Orlop. John Tracey. Mrs Tracy. Thomas Tracey, 42, son, of Limerick. Margaret Tracey, mother [of Sligo].

Andrew Tracey. William Tracey, 18, b. John Tracy, 28, labourer, b. England [from Tipperary? Patrick Tracy, of Johnston, b. Apr Roscommon, Ireland. Malachy Tracy, 28, miner, b. Leo Tracy, of Ireland, landed Boston Mass. Tracy, NYT April Steerage passengers on the White Star steamer Atlantic [sunk], embarked at Queenstown Mary Tracy and four children Mary Tracy and three children Thomas Tracey is Master, from Clemensport. James Tracey, 21, m, lab, England, United States, steerage. Celtic , Liverpool to New York, arrived 7 July Martin Tracey , 13, M, 7 Jul Steamship Pennsylvania , Liverpool to Philadelphia 25th Mar City Of Montreal Liverpool 22 Sep John Tracey, 30, gentleman, born Ireland.

Margaret Tracey, 50, wife, born England. Jos Tracey, 31, male, D. Tracy, 29, M, Gentleman, America, Saloon. Tracy, 48, m, labourer, Ireland, USA. Erin , Liverpool and Queenstown, 22 June Martin Tracy, labourer, 33 years, Ireland. Martin Treacy , b. Helon H. Tracey, 33,. The names of the elders returning home are as follows City of Chicago Liverpool Queenstown Nov 12 Jonahana Tracey, 21, Servant, Tipperary, Brooklyn. Missouri to Boston 28 July [Note: could not find them in Irish records]. Mrs Bridget Tracy, Thomas, Walter, 8. Joseph, 8. Catherine Tracey, 58, F, wife, Roscommon.

Martin Tracey, 30, M, labourer, Roscommon. Catherine Tracey, 25, F, servant, Roscommon. Sarah Tracey, 18, F, spinster, Tyrone. Wyoming , Liverpool to New York 15 Jan Mary Tracy, 16, last residence: Clare. Patrick Tracey, 25, M, Monaghan. Bridget Treacy, 21, F, servant, Roscommon. Jane Tracey, 18, F, servant, Queenstown. Tracey, 64, M, labr. Tracey, 21, M, draper, Ireland, 2 steerage, 2 ps. Patrick K. Tracey, 18, M, labourer, Bagnalstown [Carlow], to Chicago. Thomas Tracy, 28, M, labourer, Belfast.

Sarah Tracey, 22, F, spinster, Roscommon. Michl Tracy, 16 m, Labr, Ireland. Devonia , Glasgow to New York 18 Nov Margaret Tracey, 16, F, servant, Donegal. Dennis Tracey, 35, M, Labourer, Limerick.

Michael Tracey, 27, M, labourer, Queenstown. Edward Tracey, 24, labourer, Mayo [with 4 others]. Tracey, 38, M, Cattleman, Canada, Boston 1. Umbria , Liverpool to NY, Stge, 1 permanent. Treacy, 23, M, Agricultural labourer, Queenstown, to Philadelphia. Mary Tracey, 25, F, wife, Queenstown. John Tracey, 9, M, child, Queenstown. Patrick Tracey, 7, M, child, Queenstown. Mary Tracey, 6, F, child, Queenstown. Tom Tracey, 4, M, child, Queenstown. Margaret Tracey, 2, F, child, Queenstown.

George Tracey, 11 months, M, infant, Queenstown. F self 50 yes no. He has been to Phila If this passsenger's name is Tracy he is very similar to passenger They were added to the list by different people. He has been to Philad He is going to join Brother, Philada. This passsenger is very similar to passenger Pennland , Philadelphia, Orange Co NY. Henry M. Mr Evarls Tracy. Patrick Treacy. Catherine Treacy. John Treacy. By date. Tracey, a Canada 10 August, Virginian T Louis W. Tracey, a England 09 May, Corinthian T Tracy, 46 Austria 18 June, Montrose T Henry Tracy, Mrs, 50 U. Friesland , Liverpool to Philadelphia, 27 August Minneapolis , London to New York, June Thomas O.

James Treacy, Born: 22 Oct. Mme Tracy. David Treacey, 2 years, b. Dungannon Ireland, Grandfather J. Kerr, Boland, Dungannon. To father D. Tracey, Berwyyn, Philadeplia, Penn. Here 6 months.

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Miss M. Tracey [Cobh? Thomas H. Miss S. Miss E. Distant from Frelighsburgh 2 miles. Population about Tracey, J. Daily mail. Tracey, John, tailor. Distant from Toronto 36 miles, and from Brampton 12 miles. Daily mall. Tracey, Jacob, proprietor of North American hotel. Tracy, 0. Tracey, Jeremiah, laborer, Sydenham near Queen st.

Tracey, Thomas B. Distant from Ottawa 14 miles, stage faro SI. Tracy, William, carpenter. Distant from Toronto 86 miles, and from the King station of the Ontario,. Simco8 and Huron Railway, to which there is a daily stage carrying the mail, 12 miles. Tracy, Thomas, tailor. Trace, William, car inspector, Talbot st,. Tracey, John, laborer, Horton st.

Tracey, John G. Tracey, Thomas, constable, Westminster. County Town, 11 miles, and from Hamilton 20 miles. Tracey, A. Tracey, John, carter, 32 Papineau road. Tracey, Martin, grocer, corner Gabriel and McCord sts. Tracey, Miss Eliza, seamstress, 8 Gabriel st. Tracey, Mrs. Tracey, Patrick, laborer, William st. Tracey, Patrick, laborer, head of St. Constant St. Tracy, Hiram, railroad and steamboat agent, 48 Commissioners St. Tracy, James, watchmaker, Rideau st.

Tracy Eunice, wid. Tracy Milton C. The inscription near Alexander's headstone reads as follows:. Burritt of Burritt's Rapids, and it was there stated that the venerable gentleman was the first child born of U. Her last name is not known. Be sure to send them to lgardner ucc. These flourishing trees were planted by a Grade 5 class during Earth Week.

Tracy, James, laborer, 24 Champlain st. Tmcy, M. Rocb sub. Tracy, Stephen, blacksmith. A Station on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway is now in course of construction. This village was laid out by Messrs. Simpson and Ward. A large business is done in the manufacture of stoves, ploughs, and fanning mills.

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Medical Journal of the Emigrant Ship Elizabeth (Allen's Upper Canada Series Book 5) (English Edition) Versión Kindle On the 21st of May , the Elizabeth sailed from the Cove of Cork, carrying 45 men, 31 women and children from. Achetez et téléchargez ebook Medical Journal of the Emigrant Ship Elizabeth ( Allen's Upper Canada Series Book 5) (English Edition): Boutique Kindle - Canada.

Distant from Perth, the County Town, 12 miles, from Brockville by railway 26 miles, and from Ottawa 48 miles. Tracey, William, watchmaker. Tracey, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, King st,. Tracey, John, laborer, Richmond near Tecumseth st. Tracy, John, laborer, Tecumseth near King st. Tracy, Michael, shoemaker, 58 Stanley near Nelson St.

Distant from Sarnia 32 miles, and from Chatham 18 miles. Mail trl-weekly. Mansel, Tracey, blacksmith and bailiff. The stage from Knowlton, distant 9 miles, fare 50c. Mail daily. Tracey, Philander, shoemaker. YORK, C. Distant from Cayuga 5 miles, from Brantford 25 miles, and from Buffalo N. Tracey, John, carpenter. Commission Merchants Esquesing Township Meeting poster. Reads: "Esquesing Township Meeting!! A requisition having been forwarded to me, signed by a number of Freeholders residing within this Township, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of erecting by taxation or subscription and determining the site of a Town hall, I hereby in compliance with said Requisition, appoint saturday, 10th Marchat the hour of eleven o'clock, at McKenzie's In in the village of Stewart-town, for a public meeting to be holden, to take into consideration the subject of the above stated.

Esquesing, Halton, Mrs. Richard Tracy. Flora McNab Tracy. The oficiating minister was Rev. After Mr. Murray, Esquesing Halton Co Tracey John, huckster, Baltimore near Pine. Tracey Ruth, Baltimore near Pine.


Tracey Jas. Treacy Hugh, tailor, Howard near Franklin. Tracy Matthew, merchant tailor, 4 South. Tracy mrs Sarah, Bond near Pinkney. Tracy James, collector, Franklin st w of Pearl. Tracy Thomas, laborer, Alley in rear of Ross st. Tracy, boarding house, Gough st near Caroline.

Tracy James, Ross st. Tracy Jefferson Baltimore st w of Cove. Tracy Mayhew, South st. Traeyser L. Treacy Hugh, merch. Treacy Matthew merch. Paul's st. Notice - I hereby forewarn all persons not to trust my wife, Mary Treacy, as she has left my bed and board without any just cause. I will pay no debts of her contracting from this date January 17th , and all persons are also hereby forewarned not to harbour her, or her property as I am determined to institute legal proceedings against such offenders.

Hugh Treacy. Tracey James, land agent, cor St. Paul's and Fayette Sts. Tracey Philip, locksmith, Green st s of Baltimore. Tracey John, huckster, Haw st w of Emory. Tracey Garrett T. Tracy M. Paul's st near Baltimore, dw Tracy Garrett, wheelwright, Market st extended. Trayser Philip P. Tracey James, tinner, 69 Monument st. Tracey Alexander, boiler maker, n Eden St. Tracey Nicholas, Aisquith st. Tracey George, turner, 65 n Schroeder st. Tracey James, property and commission agent, Jarvis buildings, North st.

Tracey Thomas, laborer, 3 New st. Tracy Rezin, shoemaker, 18 Ross st. Tracy Philip P. Tracy John, Vine st. Paul st. Tracy John, laborer, 13 Mulberry court, near Lexington st. Tracy William, machinist. Tracy Hugh, tailor, 6 w Falls avenue. Tracy Jarret, car builder, Raborg st. Trayser P. Tracey Alex. Tracey Jarret, carpenter, 21 Sterrett. Tracey James, tinner, 72 Short. Tracey Edward, carpenter, w Pratt. Tracey John, machinist, w Lombard. Tracey Margaret, 8 Park. Tracey Martin, laborer, 59 Clay. Tracey James, land agent, w Fayette, office Exchange buildings.

Tracy John, boiler maker, Chester s of Pratt. Tracy John, horse dealer, w Lombard. Tracy Thomas, huckster, 3 New. Tracy William A. Tresay John, carter, s Canal. Tracy James, boarding house 80 south water. Tracy John, grocer corner Crabb and Shippen. Tracy Ann widow shopkeeper High near Sch. Tracy Edward, grocer Chesnut near 13th. Tracy Hugh, 28 Franklin Court. Tracey Hugh, north wast corn 3d and high. Tracy Edward, grocer and tavern keeper Chesnut near 13th. Tracy widow of Edward, High W. Tracy widow of John, 14 Crab. Tracey Hugh, NE cor third and High. Tracy Edward, tavernkeeper Chesnut above 13th.

Tracey Hugh, back 86 High. Tracy Edward, tavern keeper Chesnut above 13th. Tracey Bernard, lab. Tracey John, cushion mr. Goldsmith's Hall Library bel 5th. Tracy Adam, weaver, Paschalville. Tracy Ann, 16th Wayne. Tracy Charles, Latimer W 16th. Tracy Edwd, weaver, 12 Monroe pl. Tracy George, bootmr. Tracy Hugh, cordw. Market ab 18th. Tracy John, lab. Tracy John, porter, S 6th. Tracy Michael, confect. Tracy Michael, lab. Monroe pl K. Tracy Michael, tailor, Market, h 11th bel Wallace. Tracy Peter, weaver, 9 Monroe pl. Tracy Sarah, gentw. Tracy Wm, watch casemr. Tracy Wm. Tracey Daniel, lab.

Jefferson, w 11 m 2 f 2 t 4, b Ireland. Tracey James P. Tracey James, engineer, r. Tracey John, teamster, r. Taylor, w 9 m 3 f 8 t 6, b Ireland. Tracey Martin, expressman, r, S. Tracey Michael, bootmkr, Archer av. Tracey Thomas, lab, r. Tracey William, alderman, 6th Ward, r. Tracey William, lab, r. Emerald av. Trumbull av. Tracy Aberton, carpenter, r. Tracy Anna Miss, furnished rooms, r. Water, w 1 m 42 f 8 t 45, b Ireland. Tracy Bertram, lab. Tracy Charles, r. Tracy Chester, lettercarrier, r. Tracy Cornelius, lab. Tracy Cornelius, saloon and boardinghonse, Douglas pl.

Laurel, w 6 m 12 f 5 t 17, b Ireland. Tracy Daniel, blksmith, Stock Yards, r. Douglas pl. Auburn, w 6. Tracy Dennis, tailor, r. Tracy Emma, teacher, Washington School, r. Sangamon, w Tracy Frederick K. Jackson, w 10, b Vt. Tracy George L. Randolph, w 12 m 1f 1 t 2, b N. Tracy H. Tracy Henry H. Tracy James, lab. Tracy James, stonemason, r. Harrison, w 9. Tracy Joel H. Tracy John F.

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Palmer House, w2. Tracy John, blksmith, r. Tracy John, boilermkr. Halsted, w 9. Tracy John, farmer, r. Tracy John. Tracy Luther M. Tracy Margaret, wid. Patrick, r. Tracy Mathew, lab. Chicago av. Tracy Michael, jr. Harrison, w 9 m 5 f3 t8. Tracy Owen, lab: r. Tracy Patrick, expreseman, r. Tracy Patrick, lab. Tracy Patrick, mason, r. Tracy Patrick, r. Tracy Thomas, coachman, r. Tracy Thomas, lab. Tracy Thomas, shoemkr. Tracy Thomas, with F. Tracy William, foreman, Union Stock Yards blksmith shop, r. Tracy William, hanseraiser, r. Tracy William, jr.

Patrick W. Donglas pl. Laurel and Ullman, w 6 m 20 f 3 t Trasey David, lab. Jefferson, w 9 m 1 F 1 t 2, b Ireland. Trasey Patrick, pedlar, r. Trasy Charles, teamster, r 84 Coolidge, w 8, b Ohio. Trasy Michael, expressman, r. Trasy Michael, plumber, r. Treacy Denis, saloon, 6 Canalport av. Tracy Barton, seaman 76 Gold. Tracy Dennis, shoemaker Water and 59 Broad.

Tracy Eliphar, shipcarpenter Lombardy. Tracy Frederick A. Tracy J. Williamsburgh ferry foot Grand. Tracy James, mariner 8 Doyer. Tracy Lynde, printer 34 Augustus. Tracy William, baker William. Tracy Dennis, shoemaker Water and 77 Chatham. Tracy Eliphas, ship-carpenter Bancker. Beach n. Tracy George M. Tracy Hannah, 3 Cedar. Tracy Jeremiah, tavern 51 Division. Tracy Luther, cabinet maker Pump.

Tracy Elizabeth widow of Isaac, Hudson c. Trace William, carpenter Chapel. Tracy Charles, attorney 63 Cedar h. Tracy Charles, jeweller 45 Gold h. Tracy Dennis, shoestore da manufacturer of india-rubber? Tracy Eliza, dressmaker 12S Spring. Tracy Geo. Manning, 25 Wall h. Tracy John I. Tracy Patrick, grocer 56 Elm?. Tracy William, fancystore Chatham. Tracy William, butcher 74 Ludlow. Tracy Emily widow of Ephraim, 96 Greene. Tracy Margaret widow of Maurice D. Tracy George Manning, 22 Wall h. Tracy Jared W. Tracy John P. Tracy Patrick, grocer Stanton. Tracy William, watchcases 60 Fulton h.

Charles Tracy married Louisa Kirkland 19th Sep Frederick Tracy married Maria P. Wilson 1st Apr John Tracy married Maria H. Hunt 30th Nov John L.

Tracy married Deborah Smith 25th Jan Prescott Tracy married Catherine A. Brower 2nd Dec Tracy Eliza, dressmaker Spring. Tracy George Manning, 72 Wall h. Tracy Patrick, grocer Sheriff. Tracy Ulysses, books Division. Tracy William, green grocer 23 Madison. Tracy William, watchcases Fulton h. Tracy Charles, watchcases 60 Fulton. Tracy Dennis, carter Elizabeth. Tracy Dennis, shoes Water. Tracy George Mannino, 72 fall h. Tracy John, clerk Prince.

Tracy John?. Tracy William, fancy st. Tracy William, watchcases 96 Nassau h. Tracy Emily widow of Ephraim, 98 Prince. Traice William, carpenter 28 Madison. Trace William, carpenter, 81 Division. Tracy Christian, coachman, Leonard. Tracy Dennis, carman, 78 Broad. Tracy Edward, blacksmith, 34 Sheriff. Tracy Emily, widow of Ephraim, boarding, 98 Prince. Tracy Eunice, widow of Luther, rear Water. Tracy Frederick, drygoods, Pearl, h. Fifteenth n. Avenue 4th.

Tracy James, carpenter, rear Allen. Tracy James C. Woody makes it in often because, well, they like him very much. He has always been appreciated by the French. But it also helps that he loads his movies with so many stars. The new film is no exception. Cafe Society stars Eisenberg as a screenwriter adrift in Hollywood during the s. It sounds very much like a Woody Allen film. Will Cafe Society be the last film in an extraordinary run of annual releases? The last year Woody Allen failed to release a feature was Get your head around that.

Reagan and Thatcher were still finding their way around the office. Leonid Brezhnev was in a Kremlin that was showing no signs of shifting. Ever since, the white-on-black titles, scored to melodic jazz, have introduced a new Allen film.

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Not all of them got releases in these territories.