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The aim of the article is to analyse the origins of the concept from the historical perspective and to present possible benefits and drawbacks of practicing this leadership model in the modern world. The analysis is founded on the grass-roots papers of the concept, and on contemporary publishing of the Church and academics in the sphere. This working time is often longer than the time they spend with their families or friends TEDx Talks, This simple example shows how important the role of a leader in each society is. Leading others is a key function in the proper fulfilment of other roles.

It explains the special attention paid by the Church and other social institutions to guiding leaders to perform their role properly. Nowadays, the Church emphasizes a lot of challenges which the leaders face in their job. Secondly, new technologies in the sphere of communication are overloading people with information and creating big obstacles in the way of clear decision-making. The next factor - financialization - makes firms insensitive to social problems, reorienting them to big profits at any cost.

The last problem is related to cultural transformations, with a tendency towards individualism, which make people insensitive to each other. The combined result of all these factors distracts us from treating the common good as the main goal of both leaders and workers Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, , 2. Servant leadership is a concept which deals with all problems using a strategy based on the Christian model of life.

It introduces principles of human dignity, justice, subsidiarity in ruling others, and respect for each individual person Marek, , 1. It seems to be a great answer to current problems. The most fundamental source of the servant leadership concept comes from the Bible. Jesus Christ by His life and activities showed the core of the concept.

Jesus emphasizes humility and love among people.

Rivista di etica e scienze sociali / Journal of Ethics & Social Sciences

The fact of devoting His life to ransoming the sins of humankind presents the greatest measure of serving others. This teaching is the most obvious way of proving that to serve is divine. A more academic approach to the concept was introduced by Robert K. Greenleaf in Greenleaf was an American essayist who wrote a few papers on the issue of servant leadership. The plot is built around a journey during which a servant Leo, who seemed to play no crucial role in the band of travellers, disappeared. The whole group then became completely disorganised, was in despair and the journey had to be abandoned.

Later on, a man from the band finds Leo in the Order which funded the journey. The man discovers that Leo is a leader and a spiritual master of the Order. Based on this story, R. Servant leaders consider the needs of other people in the first-place. The other extreme type of leadership introduced by R.

Greenleaf is the leader-first, who is a person of opposite interests to the principles of the servant-first Greenleaf, , 6, In academic circles, the servant leadership concept has drawn a lot of attention in recent years. Around papers have been published in the last two decades, with growing interest year by year. In the last four years, articles appeared, with a majority of an empirical nature. This means that the theory is becoming more and more practical.

A broad interest in the field of application of servant leadership principles caused a great number of leadership coaches interested in spreading the idea to appear. The most well-known activist in this sphere is John Maxwell. Maxwell has sold 26 million books in fifty languages. His foundation has trained about 6 million leaders from every country in the world Christ Fellowship Church, ; Maxwell, For more than 40 years J. Maxwell has been teaching how to be a truly servant leader. Finally, J. Maxwell says that nowadays a leadership model has been worked out which is the most effective regardless of the time and culture in which it is embedded.

The primary principle of the model is described by J. The author teaches leaders to apply the servant leadership in the simplest way. He tells them just to serve people, to add value to them and to enjoy their success. As a result, servant leaders gain the most loyal people around them. Before such conduct, when each employee knows that the leader is ready to devote him or herself to them, the worker will give all needed efforts to do the same.

Besides coaches and activists, servant leadership is presented by prominent CEOs as an effective remedy for companies. A board meeting was held to deal with the crisis. The board tried to figure out a new strategy to save the company. The key of the strategy was to dare to serve others. This group had not been paid sufficient attention before. They are the people who engage the most in establishing restaurants, caring about employees and are the front desk in front of customers. Afterwards, when the strategy had been implemented, an annual survey has been held to monitor if the franchisees are satisfied with the leadership model.

She presents three steps in the method. First, there should be a bold desire to dare to serve. Then, the leader should serve people and love them. The third step is delivering great company results as a shared result. The company grew and went international. The teaching of Jesus perfectly translates what servant leadership is about.

The concept is very demanding. It requires leaders to give themselves entirely to their employees. Such a leadership model leads organizations to great results, as has been proved in practice. It causes positive phenomena as:. Current tendencies of businesses show a positive attitude to the approach. Academic research is also very interested in servant leadership, and the Church as well promotes the concept. This coincidence proves the words of J. Maxwell, who underlines that this model of leadership is an outcome of long historical exploration to find the perfect model.

Servant leadership may in the future improve business performance, making leaders feel more comfortable in fulfilling their vocation, based on their own moral principles, to be authentic simultaneously in private and professional life and bring the common good into modern society. Christ Fellowship Church. Accessed October 5, Ebener, Dan R. Greenleaf, Robert. Servant leadership. Marek, Agnieszka. Ethics in Economic Life. Maxwell, John C. Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Vocation of the Business Leader: A Reflection. John A. Minnesota, USA. Sendjaya, Sen, James C.

Sarros, and Joseph C. TEDx Talks. The project designed an original course content classification method, with the objective of comparing and evaluating courses from different education systems, and created the first integrated Knowledge Base of the Catholic and Ecclesiastical Higher Education Institutions CHEI providing CST courses. This could be used, along with other inputs and sources, in developing programmes of various types, such as reinforcing social capital development or social inclusion. It is important as a source of values and orientation in countries that underwent decades of Communist rule and now struggle with the impact of Western liberalism.

It can be improved especially through greater collaboration and networking among existing institutions and experts within the region as a whole. Institutions face shared challenges, can benefit from the sharing of best practices, and, by building transnational contacts, can prepare the ground for proposals for project funding.

Together they will work towards the development of the wider network over the next years. Inocent Szaniszlo OP.

A first meeting held at the Angelicum in Rome on June In the same week, a summer school was organized with eight students selected from universities in Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. They attended specific lessons on CST, participated in meetings and worked both together and alone to refine their project topics; finally they presented their work to the Expert Council members and shared with them ideas and proposals. Below are articles by four of the students. Although the Church has defined herself coherently, for at least two centuries, as only a spiritual and moral entity, it continues to be perceived by certain States as an unacceptable political actor.

Those States are not ready to recognize the autonomy of the Catholic Church, since, while the Church is universal, States have their constituencies within a specific nation. As far as the autonomy of the Papacy is concerned, a key question concerns the status of Catholic hierarchies in certain states. In the Western Hemisphere, between the end of the first Christian Millennium and the beginning of the second century of the new Millennium, the same matter poisoned the relationship between the Holy See and the Holy Roman Empire, that is, with Christian emperors and feudatories, through the so-called Investiture Controversy.

The Concordat of Worms, also known as the Pactum Calixtinum , was signed on 23 September , and deprived the Emperor of the right of investiture of bishops and other ecclesiastical figures with ring and crosier, that is, with the symbols of spiritual power. The clergy was declared free, and the properties of the Church inviolable. The Pope accepted that ecclesiastical elections in Germany would be witnessed by imperial envoys.

At the same time, the investiture with a scepter remained the prerogative of the emperor, as a sign that the estates of the Church were held under the crown. In Germany, feudal investiture came before episcopal investiture; in Italy and Burgundy the practice was the reverse, where the full jurisdiction of the Pope was restored.

As a result, the hierarchy faithful to Rome suffered repression and was often forced to operate undercover. During more than six long decades, Chinese Catholic believers, now 12 million, have carried the burden of this controversy. Nenni writes in his memoirs that he spoke 2 to Mao about the matter of the Catholic missions, receiving the following answer:. No measure has been taken or will be taken against the Catholic missions as such. There are missionaries who stood against the revolution and suffered the consequences. Coexistence is always possible.

They underlined that relations with the Holy See were unchanged with respect to the pre-revolutionary years. Afterwards Nenni took note of the synthetic and detailed account of the evolution of the Catholic Church during the Maoist regime, as offered by the State Authority for Religious Affairs. At the end he gives his own position:.

The government is able to guarantee the security of incoming new missionaries. Only one thing is requested: no conspiracy against the unity of the Chinese people, and respect for revolutionary laws 4. After the repression of the years , and the opening up of the Maoist regime in Hundred Flowers Campaign , which produced, inter alia, the liberation of Catholics previously arrested, the events of the Cultural Revolution raised tensions again between the regime and the Holy See.

After the Cultural Revolution, two positions emerged: on the one side, the militant atheism of the state had to become tolerant, coherent with the season of reforms opened up by Deng; on the other side, religions had to accept that the state considered the practice of religion to be a private affair which should not influence public life and the behavior of the state.

The dispute between the PRC and the Holy See could aim at a solution, if both positions could be harmonized. In this frame, historical figures such as the Jesuits Matteo Ricci and Michele Ruggieri at the end of s, and two and half centuries before, those of a number of Franciscan ambassadors like Giovanni da Pian del Carpine 5 , sent by Pope Innocent IV to the Mogul Grand Khan, show the Chinese that they may have good friends in the Catholic environment.

The acme of this behavior was in the s. At the beginning of the century, the Chinese civilization overwhelmed Western civilization, but the Ming dynasty shut all the ports and frontiers to the influence of foreigners. During the following century, those who built ships with more than two masts would suffer the death penalty.

As to your entreaty to send one of your nationals to be accredited to my Celestial Court and to be in control of your country's trade with China, this request is contrary to all usage of my dynasty and cannot possibly be entertained. It is true that Europeans, in the service of the dynasty, have been permitted to live at Peking, but they are compelled to adopt Chinese dress, they are strictly confined to their own precincts and are never permitted to return home. Patriotism is a shared sentiment in China, and any agreement between the State and the Holy See has to deal with this.

The cardinal of Hong Kong, John Tong 7 pointed out the loyalty of the Church to the state specifying that religious freedoms have nothing to do with separatism or claims to independence that are motivated by religious beliefs. The Holy See is accused by some believers of excessive realism in dealing with Beijing. Tong has written that the Roman Church is not a special case, and that the matter relates to freedom of religion and cult for everyone in China. Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, is harshly against any bilateral agreement that, in his opinion, will inevitably undermine the moral authority of the Church, if signed before the restoration of full religious freedom in China.

Friendly fire comes especially from the Southern East Asian Churches, which has suffered long periods of repression and physical attack by Communist regimes. When conditions will exist for establishing diplomatic bilateral relations, the Vatican will break with Taiwan. Certain contradictions in Chinese government behavior are evident. A China Aid report shows that in , persecution against Christians was growing 8. In , the Chinese government campaigned against religious proselytism.

In doing so, the spread of Christianity was also attacked. Churches were demolished and Christian symbols cancelled. This happened in territories where the missionary spirit is particularly active 9. The information is confirmed by the agency Fides. The province of He Bei looks to be the most active, with about 12, baptized, while in Beijing, the newly baptized in that year were 1, The Pope is recognized as the head of China's Catholics: China will recommend Bishops before their appointment by the Pope, while the Pope is allowed to veto any Bishop proposed by China.

China will recognise soon a number of the forty or so underground bishops appointed by Rome. For the first time in about 70 years, all the Chinese bishops are in communion with Rome, even though not all of them are recognized and agreed upon.

European key changes for women in music and performing arts by FONDAZIONE DONNE IN MUSICA - Issuu

It seems that the provisional agreement did not change certain Chinese habits. The spreading of this kind of information has reinforced the opponents to the provisional agreement between Rome and Beijing. It is evident that Zen was not convinced by the arguments of Msgr.

Tong in the quoted article. Tong has recalled that to choose the lesser of two evils is normal Christian ethical behavior. Criticism against the Vatican also comes from certain Protestant Churches that are connected with the religious American movements politically currently campaigning against China Years before, Canon had been the source of the excommunications of the hierarchy belonging to CCPA.

Nenni, Tempo di guerra fredda, diari , Sugar Co, , pp. There were also Catholics who accepted to cooperate with the regime. At the end of the century, Pope Nicholas IV sent another Franciscan to China, Giovanni da Montecorvino: he erected two churches in Beijing, baptized more than 2, Mogul and translated psalms and religious songs from the Old Testament into Chinese. Clement V nominated him as the Archbishop of Beijing. Another Franciscan to be remembered is Odoricus from Pordenone, author of a Latin chronicle about his year Chinese journey.

Details on the Franciscan Chinese missions can be found in M. Lo Russo, Il saio e la lince. Viaggio sentimentale nelle Umbrie dei miti, Rusconi, , pp. He would progressively be honored and respected. Another Jesuit missionary deserves attention, Prospero Intorcetta. A Sicilian, he arrived in China in He was the first to translate Confucius into Latin. See www. It proposed a list of 64 demolished churches with pictures. Asia News. During that meeting, the two representatives signed a Provisional Agreement on the appointment of Bishops. The above-mentioned Provisional Agreement, which is the fruit of a gradual and reciprocal rapprochement, has been agreed following a long process of careful negotiation and foresees the possibility of periodic reviews of its application.

It concerns the nomination of Bishops, a question of great importance for the life of the Church, and creates the conditions for greater collaboration at the bilateral level. The shared hope is that this agreement may favour a fruitful and forward-looking process of institutional dialogue and may contribute positively to the life of the Catholic Church in China, to the common good of the Chinese people and to peace in the world.

The first is the crescendo making clear the supposed antithesis U. One notably silent voice: the Vatican …. La reazione di netta chiusura nei confronti di questa visione, che viene percepita come un vero e proprio attentato alla proposta cristiana, ha provocato e non poteva che provocare un processo di privatizzazione della religione; processo peraltro auspicato e promosso dalla cultura dominante. Tale impostazione — osserva giustamente p. E si tratta di un contributo essenziale, se si vuole restituire alla vita sociale una autentica dimensione umana. However, the lobbying success of these religious groups has rekindled, once again, the question of the role and position of religion in the American social and political square Martin Pew Research The United States is still mostly a Protestant country Protestants have historically tended to argue against the Catholic —or Thomistic— view, that the virtuous political life is simply a manifestation of inner virtue Goyette They have advocated the opinion that virtue and power should be dealt with separately Kainz The American project, mostly based on this Protestant ethos, prefers to support a minimalist vision of the State that would be strong enough, nonetheless, to protect minority groups from being persecuted, while confining faith to the internal forum.

This is basically enshrined in the First Amendment of the U. Constitution Hancock Thus, Evangelical Christianity in the U. But, beginning in the s with the rise of the Christian right which seeks "to apply their understanding of the teachings of Christianity to politics and to public policy by proclaiming the value of those teachings or by seeking to use those teachings to influence law and public policy," the pendulum swung towards a political Evangelical Christianity Andersen Nevertheless, since American Evangelicals have veered, once again, towards making a distinction between what is needed in the public forum and the ideals that should be upheld in private.

This has allowed them to support political candidates that were less than virtuous in the private sphere but who would advance their understanding of the teachings of Christianity in the public sphere Kimbrel The political platform of the Republican Party generally supports an economic and socially conservative ideology that seeks to uphold traditional values whereas the Democratic Party tends to support a modern liberalism that advocates social and economic equality, along with the Welfare State Sullivan Sinema just won in the mid-term elections in Arizona, where the Senate seat was vacated by Republican Jeff Flace "to become the first woman to win a U.

Senate seat in the state" Riccardi For most of U. Despite their religious affiliations, they were married at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church. Their son Barron Trump now attends St. The number of Americans who identify themselves as religiously unaffiliated or Nones continues to rise rapidly. Moreover, most believe that religious institutions benefit society by strengthening community bonds and aiding the poor. Projected religious changes in the global population from to predict that Muslims will increase from 1.

Nonetheless, the religious composition of the United States is predicted to go from One of the main reasons for the decline of Christians and the growth of the Nones is so-called "generational replacement": The Millennial generation born between and "display much lower levels of religious affiliation, including less connection with Christian churches, than older generations" Cooperman The current American social and cultural context tends to cause "religious faith to atrophy among [believing] communities of all creeds, races, and national origin" Davis According to Psychology Professor Steven Reiss, "religion rises and falls in popularity depending on how well it satisfies our needs versus the secular alternatives" Reiss Psychologists W.

Keith Campbell and Jean Twenge cite a rise in narcissism and self-centeredness among the Millennial generations that might explain the four major shifts detected by Professor Reiss as possibly behind the decline in religious affiliation in the United States among Millennials Campbell and Twenge :. Organized religion versus spirituality , American Millennials prefer to search for a mystical, personal God that meets their individual needs. They feel that organized religion only gets in the way of true religious experience Reiss Tribalism versus humanitarianism , American Millennials live in a globally interconnected world.

As they experience the similarities of people everywhere, they tend to think of believers as alike, regardless of religious affiliation. Although this may drive their interest in interfaith activities, it lessens their need for loyalty to the moral code and religion of their ancestors "tribalism" Reiss Traditional versus non-traditional families , Fewer than half of American Millennials live in "traditional" families, that is, "in a home with two married heterosexual parents in their first marriage" Livingston Traditionally, organized religions have depended primarily on the family to rear religious children and recruit new church members.

Moreover, organized religion may hold beliefs that are less relevant to children growing up in non-traditional families versus traditional ones e. Trust versus loss of confidence in institutions , Trust in American institutions, outside of the military and small business, is below historical trends Jones Confidence in religious institutions is at an all-time low, especially due to sexual and financial scandals in Church organizations Saad This is mostly due to confidence in Pope Francis' leadership regarding these issues, although, after recent revelations of sex abuse scandals and coverup, particularly regarding ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, U.

If these general social and political trends persist, the rising numbers of Nones will have a greater say in the shaping of a more secularized American experience and a further low-profile or private role for religion in U. Nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean it will be so. Religions have a great capacity to change and adapt, as they have done in the past, trying to better meet basic human needs. Furthermore, a U.

Thus, religion may still play and hold a prominent position as a social and political fact in the U. Andersen, Margaret L. Sociology: Understanding a Diverse Society. Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. Campbell, W. Keith, and Jean M. Cooperman, Alan, ed. America's Changing Religious Landscape. Washington, D.

Family, Gender, Religion and the Nation, 1861–1918

C: Pew Research Center. Davis, Michael. Funk, Cary, and Greg Smith. Goyette, John. Hancock, Ralph C. Jones, Jeffrey M. Institutions Still Below Historical Norms. Kainz, Howard P. Democracy and the "Kingdom of God. Kimbriel, Samuel. Lipka, Michael. Religious Group. Lipka, Michael, and David Masci. After Recent Revelations, U. Livingston, Gretchen. Fewer than Half of U. Martin, Rachel. Interview with Cokie Roberts. Morning Edition. NPR, June Oppenheimer, Mark. Pew Research Center. The Religious Typology. Podrebarac Sciupac, Elizabeth, and Gregory A. Pulliam Bailey, Sarah. Reiss, Steven.

Riccardi, Nicholas. Saad, Lydia. Sandstrom, Aleksandra. Faith on the Hill. The Religious Composition of the th Congress. Shimron, Yonat. Sullivan, Larry E. Department of Labor. American Time Use Survey— Results. Welch, Derek. World Religion News , August Nel Lisbona fu colpita da un triplice disastro: in rapida successione si verificarono un terremoto, una serie di incendi e uno tsunami.

Una perdita di ruolo rispetto alla trasmissione dei valori, ed una crisi educativa che rafforzano la tendenza al presentismo ed al consumismo come surrogati del senso della vita. Le prove e le tribolazioni che affliggono oggi quella particolare riflettono in forma condensata i fenomeni che colpiscono ognuna delle sue estensioni e idealizzazioni, a prescindere dal gradino occupato nella struttura frattale. In the work are discussed different points of view of the operation of fractional derivative and present a unifying definition. The role played by fractional derivatives and integrals within the framework of integral transform is analyzed.

Si discutono varie definizioni dell'operazione di derivata frazionaria, non tutte coincidenti fra loro, e si mostra come sia possibile proporre una definizione univoca che inglobi tutte le altre. Si analizza infine il ruolo giocato dalle derivate e dagli integrali frazionari e, piu' in generale, quello degli operatori differenziali ad esponente frazionario, nell'ambito della teoria delle rappresentazioni integrali. Full Text Available La lingua filmata appare oggi uno dei campi linguistici in cui il dialetto torna ad essere scelta registica e veicolo di nuove istanze comunicative, in stretta relazione con un nuovo modo di intendere e praticare il cinema.

Through careful analysis of the vernacular, the paper focuses on the motivations and the communicative effectiveness of the use of dialect and questions the degree of realism or linguistic mimesis that Diritti was able to reach. Pencil and mouse. Drawing in the digital era. Rimane aperta la questione di un insegnamento laboratoriale che non sia istruzionale. Natural gas prices in Italy.

Tariffs geographical distribution; Metano. Paese che vai, prezzo che trovi. The annual report on services and activity carries at some evaluations of data concerned the natural gas market: total consumption, costs and prices in Italy and comparative evaluations with other european countries. Che Mentor Software System by H. Che Mentor Software System H.

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The first three packages provide practice problems for students and various types of help to solve them; the Toolkit includes "calculators" for determining chemical quantities as well as the Practice Items I set of problems. The set of software packages is designed so that each individual product acts as a module of a common Che Mentor program.

As the name Che Mentor implies, the software is designed as a "mentor" for students learning introductory chemistry concepts and problems. The typical use of the software would be by individual students or perhaps small groups as an adjunct to lectures. The requirements to run the packages include a Macintosh computer with at least 1 MB of RAM, a hard drive with several MB of available space depending upon the packages selected 10 MB were required for all the packages reviewed here , and the Mac operating system 6.

Duricrust fragments are higher in S than fines, but samples from both landing sites are surprisingly similar. We suggest that Martian surface materials are aeolian deposits of complex mixtures of weathering products of maficultramafic rocks, possibly consisting of iron-rich clays, sulfates, iron oxides, carbonates, and chlorides.

A specially designed space for breastfeeding helps mothers working on the site to respect their baby's rhythm. In compliance with the standards of supervision in the canton of Geneva six educators take care of the children in shifts. Please sign up for one of the two sessions via Doodle before Friday 2 March htt Legami 2. To accomplish this, the article integrates demography, traditions, national curriculum and psychological, educational, and recent developments in research.

It is an attempt to reveal It is used in the exploration of meanings of political, social, and cultural phenomena as experienced by the involved individuals themselves, in their natural context. To outline Parrhesia e forma-di-vita. Soggettivazione e desoggettivazione in Michel Foucault e Giorgio Agamben. Full Text Available Nei suoi libri recenti sotto il titolo principale "Homo sacer", Agamben si concentra sul concetto di forma-di-vita. Con questo articolo vorrei fornire una spiegazione del significato di questo concetto, sostenendo che le sue origini si possono far risalire alle "Vite degli uomini infami" di Foucault.

The CheA—Che W complex plays a key role in bacterial chemotaxis signal transduction by initiating phosphotransfer to response regulators via coupling to the chemoreceptors. Che A P3-P4-P5 domains and Che W from Thermotoga maritima were overexpressed in Escherichia coli and crystallized as a complex at K using ammonium dihydrogen phosphate as a precipitant. The asymmetric unit may contain six to ten CheA—Che W molecules. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of Che W from Thermotoga maritima: a coupling protein of Che A and the chemotaxis receptor.

Che W from T. Diffraction data have been collected to 3. The Che W protein plays a key role in bacterial chemotaxis signal transduction by coupling Che A to chemotaxis receptors. Che W from Thermotoga maritima has been overexpressed in Escherichia coli and crystallized at K using ammonium sulfate as a salt precipitant. X-ray diffraction data have been collected to 3.

The asymmetric unit may contain four to six Che W molecules. Data from the first sample collected, the Rocknest eolian soil, identify a basaltic mineral suite, predominantly plagioclase approx. An50 , forsteritic olivine approx. Fo58 , augite and pigeonite, consistent with expectation that detrital grains on Mars would reflect widespread basaltic sources. Minor phases each XRD. This amorphous component is attested to by a broad rise in background centered at approx. Constraints from phase chemistry of the crystalline components, compared with a Rocknest bulk composition from the APXS instrument on Curiosity, indicate that in sum the amorphous or poorly crystalline components are relatively Si , Al, Mg-poor and enriched in Ti, Cr, Fe, K, P, S, and Cl.

All of the identified crystalline phases are volatile-free; H2O, SO2 and CO2 volatile releases from a split of this sample analyzed by the SAM instrument on Curiosity are associated with the amorphous or poorly ordered materials. The Rocknest eolian soil may be a mixture of local detritus, mostly crystalline, with a regional or global set of dominantly amorphous or poorly ordered components.

The Rocknest sample was targeted by MSL for "first time analysis" to demonstrate that a loose deposit could be scooped, sieved to Il mondo secondo la fisica quantistica segreti e meraviglie della scienza che sta cambiando la nostra vita. Inoltre, fra i tanti temi trattati nelle sue pagine, trovano spazio persino le incredibili ricadute che gli studi sulla Fisica Quantistica stanno avendo negli ambiti della medicina e delle ricerche sul cervello e s A delicate operation: the installation of 11 modules above the Nursery's School canteen.

Image: Sigrid Knoops. Heterozygous Che -1 KO mice show deficiencies in object recognition memory persistence. Transcriptional regulation is a key process in the formation of long-term memories. This evidence prompted us to investigate the putative role of Che -1 in memory processes. Similar performance was found between groups in NOR task, both in training and 24h testing performance.

This is the first evidence showing that Che -1 is involved in memory processes. All rights reserved. Moreover this protein is involved in a wide range of cellular pathways, regulating proliferation and survival in both physiological and pathological conditions. Da Rabelais a Zola, da Erasmo a Camus: la psicologia del processo, le intuizioni dei grandi autori, la conferma delle scienze cognitive.

Si dimostra come Rabelais abbia correttamente intuito quanto rilevino le euristiche nella decisione, come Zola abbia colto il ruolo delle aspettative nella percezione da parte dei testi, come Camus abbia descritto le distorsioni che si possono produrre nella fase narrativa della testimonianza. Se ne conclude che a volte la materia della giustizia si intende meglio esplorando le opere dei grandi autori che non, per dirla con Erasmo, ammucchiando glosse su glosse. Photo Professor Dr. Che -Ho Wei. Full Text Available It has been recently suggested that the Argentinian conversational marker che is being replaced by another typical expression, boludo.

The purpose of the present paper is to provide a pilot comparative study of these two Argentinian markers in order to examine their free interchangeability and to refute it eventually. A commutation test has been used as a basic tool to compare the behavior and functions of che and boludo and the results have helped to reveal contexts in which it would be inadmissible or inappropriate to employ boludo instead of che due to the possible violation of politeness norms.

In the article, che and boludo are considered mainly from the sociolinguistic and pragmatic approaches although some important cultural phenomena are discussed as well. Whenever there is a competition, there are obviously participants — and especially winners! Can we find the winning name of the competition among The scientific goal of the MSL mission is to explore and quantitatively assess regions in Gale Crater as a potential habitat for life - past or present.

The Chemin instrument will analyze Martian soil and rocks to enable scientists to investigate geophysical processes occurring on Mars. The Che Min science objectives and proposed surface operations are described along with the Che Min hardware with an emphasis on the system engineering challenges associated with developing such a complex instrument. Il testo propone un viaggio nell'universo della conoscenza, tra le galassie di conoscenza religione, scienza, arte , nel cervello percezione, apprendimento, memoria e nell'etica dalla conoscenza all'educazione.

Le argomentazioni si espandono attraverso un registro comunicativo intuitivo, tra divulgazione e speculazione, attraverso esempi e riferimenti concreti, rivolgendosi in alcuni casi direttamente al lettore. Che a 1: recombinant expression, purification and correspondence to the natural form. Pollinosis to chenopods is one of the main causes of allergy in desertic regions and it is increasing in the South of Europe and Western USA. Che a 1 is a major allergen for chenopod-allergic subjects and belongs to the Ole-elike family of proteins. Pichia pastoris yeast has been used as expression system to produce the recombinant form of Che a 1 r Che a 1.

Molecular characterization was performed using Edman degradation, mass spectrometry and concanavalin A staining. Sera from patients allergic to chenopod pollen, as well as polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies raised against Ole e 1, were used in immunoblotting, ELISA and inhibition assays for immunological characterization of r Che a 1. N-terminal amino acid sequence of r Che a 1 and molecular mass were according to those of the protein isolated from chenopod pollen. The recombinant allergen maintained the IgG and IgE epitopes of the natural allergen deduced from the immunological assays.

Structural and in vitro immunological properties of r Che a 1 produced in P. Karger AG, Basel. I ruminanti sono altamente specializzati nella digestione della fibra. Overexpression, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of Che Y4 from Vibrio cholerae O The chemotaxis response regulator Che Y4 from V.

Chemotaxis and motility greatly influence the infectivity of Vibrio cholerae, although the role of chemotaxis genes in V. While insertional disruption of the che Y4 gene results in decreased motility, insertional duplication of this gene increases motility and causes enhanced expression of the two major virulence genes.

Il Wired Next Fest arriva a Firenze

livelli (nazionale, regionale, locale e al Parlamento europeo). l'emancipazione delle donne e quindi l'effettiva realizzazione dell'uguaglianza di genere nei propri tema di parità di genere si rinvia al dossier di documentazione e ricerche. . per la promozione delle pari opportunità tra donne e uomini. Diffondere una cultura della parità di genere e incoraggiare il superamento degli . L'Italia tra i paesi europei ha uno degli indici più bassi di parità tra generi. pari opportunità sul lavoro) e sono state supportate dai Fondi Europei, mentre i mezzi In tutti e quattro i paesi alla fine – pur venendo da percorsi storici diversi e.

Crystals of Che Y4 grown in space group C2 diffracted to 1. What remains of Cherubini today? Two case studies Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the phenomenon of dialect resurgence has manifested in Italy through the emergence of dialects in Computer Mediated Communication, especially, on bottom-up created Web sites, like the free, multilingual, online encyclopedia Wikipedia. In this article, we will examine the legacy of Cherubini and his Milanese-Italian dictionary on the regional Lombard version of Wikipedia. We will review the articles both in terms of spelling, comparing the choices of Milanese lexicographer with those most utilized currently online, and from a morpho-syntactic point of view, discussing the presence and the productivity of some phrasal verbs.

Dai ruoli professionali ai processi di cura, attraverso una lettura di "Quel che resta del giorno" di Kazuo Ishiguro. Full Text Available Questa riflessione affronta un tema assai rilevante per le professioni di cura, con uno sguardo particolare alla psicoterapia. The Azospirillum brasilense Che 1 chemotaxis pathway controls swimming velocity, which affects transient cell-to-cell clumping. The Che 1 chemotaxis-like pathway of Azospirillum brasilense contributes to chemotaxis and aerotaxis, and it has also been found to contribute to regulating changes in cell surface adhesive properties that affect the propensity of cells to clump and to flocculate.

The exact contribution of Che 1 to the control of chemotaxis and flocculation in A. Here, we show that Che 1 affects reversible cell-to-cell clumping, a cellular behavior in which motile cells transiently interact by adhering to one another at their nonflagellated poles before swimming apart. Clumping precedes and is required for flocculation, and both processes appear to be independently regulated. Our results also suggest that an additional receptor s and signaling pathway s are implicated in mediating other Che 1-independent changes in clumping identified in the present study.

Transient clumping precedes the transition to stable clump formation, which involves the production of specific extracellular polysaccharides EPS ; however, production of these clumping-specific EPS is not directly controlled by Che 1 activity. Che 1-dependent clumping may antagonize motility and prevent chemotaxis, thereby maintaining cells in a metabolically favorable niche. Atomi, molecole e solidi esercizi risolti. Questo eserciziario nasce dalla raccolta di problemi d'esame assegnati agli studenti del corso di Struttura della Materia, che si colloca al confine fra il Corso Triennale e quello Magistrale.

Quasi tutti i problemi sono applicazioni della Meccanica Quantistica, anche se si utilizzano nozioni di Termodinamica, Meccanica ed Elettromagnetismo. I problemi di questo manuale differiscono rispetto a quelli che caratterizzano libri di Fisica Teorica che possono anche essere astratti o rilevanti per l'Astrofisica o le Interazioni Deboli, soprattutto nel fatto che soprattutto nel fatto che questi devono alla fine determinare dei valori realistici di misure standard su atomi molecole o solidi.

In Fisica, la conoscenza di ogni argom We here report the sequence and functional analysis of cstB of Azospirillum brasilense Sp7. A microscopic analysis revealed that cstB mutants developed mature cyst cells more quickly than wild type, indicating that cstB is involved in cyst formation. These observations suggested that cstB was a multi-effector involved in cyst development and chemotaxis in A. Tutto o quasi sulle onde. Felini a cura di, Video game education. Studi e percorsi di formazione.

Pur constatando una progressiva inversione di tendenza, Video game education. Local government and best practices in land resource management; Compendio delle azioni dell'Amministrazione Locale verso una definizione di best practices sul territorio. The aim of this paper is to present the efforts of public administration in the correct environmental management of territorial systems. A data base and census on best practices over territory is desirable. Si rende indispensabile la formazione di una banca dati con le informazioni e i documenti di riferimento.

Nelle parole della grande giornalista recentemente scomparsa, la documentata narrazione della storia di Bruno Pontecorvo, fisico nucleare di fama mondiale che , nel pieno della Guerra fredda, scelse di abbandonare l'Occidente e di lavorare e vivere nell'Unione Sovietica.

Copyright: Laurent Barlier. Copyright: Robert Tillmann. Rappresentare la Somalia in 'Ilaria Alpi. The article also argues that the main characters of these literary works are portrayed as heroines and role models for the emancipation of Muslim women. Several studies have been carried out without leading to a concrete plan.

The fact that the CERN population is getting younger and the shortage of local facilities have led to a more urgent demand for this type of social service over the past few years. La corrispondenza Malinowski-Reich. Da questa corri-spondenza si possono ricavare tre scenari: la situazione che stavano attraversando entrambi gli scien-ziati nei loro rispetti percorsi; il funzionalismo come teoria centrale dei rispettivi lavori; le sue con-seguenze e ripercussioni.

Stone, N. The Open Data Repository's Data Publisher aims to provide an easy-to-use software tool that will allow researchers to create and publish database templates and related data. The Che Min Database developed using this framework is shown as an example. Trent'anni che sconvolsero la fisica la storia della teoria dei quanti.

Gli anni dal al hanno portato un profondo mutamento nella visione che l'uomo aveva dell'universo: tra la prima idea di Max Planck dei quanti di luce nel , e la previsione dell'esistenza delle antiparticelle formulata da P. Dirac nel , corre un periodo di emozionanti progressi nel campo della fisica teorica. The ideal computer-based foreign language reading program must include cognitive background, a learning taxonomy, sound computer design, and knowledge of what is needed for the specific language.

Machiavelli's "Il demonia che prese moglie" is chosen for study due to its historical interest. Full Text Available Nella storiografia filosofica spagnola non esiste, probabilmente, una definizione ambigua e problematica come quella che riguarda la cosiddetta "Scuola di Barcellona". Tali caratteristiche comuni si possono far risalire a colui che , in un certo senso, fu il fondatore della scuola, essendo il principale maestro delle nuove leve filosofiche della Catalogna all'inizio del XX secolo: Jaume Serra Hunter.

The objectives of this research were to develop and evaluate a self-report questionnaire the Emotional Communication in Hearing Questionnaire or EMO- CHe Q designed to assess experiences of hearing and handicap when listening to signals that contain vocal emotion information. Study 1 involved internet-based administration of a item version of the EMO- CHe Q to adult participants with self-reported normal hearing [NH], with self-reported hearing impairment but no reported use of hearing aids [HI], and with self-reported hearing impairment and use of hearing aids [HA].

To better understand the factor structure of the EMO- CHe Q and eliminate redundant items, an exploratory factor analysis was conducted. In addition, participants completed an emotion-identification task under audio and audiovisual conditions. In study 1, the exploratory factor analysis yielded an interpretable solution with four factors emerging that explained a total of In study 2, the same pattern of reported handicap was observed in individuals with audiometrically verified hearing as was found in study 1. On the emotion-identification task, no group differences in performance were observed in the audiovisual condition, but group differences were observed in the audio alone condition.

Chemotaxis can provide bacteria with competitive advantages for survival in complex environments. A che Z gene has been found in Azorhizobium caulinodans ORS, in contrast to other rhizobial species studied so far. The Che Z protein in strain ORS has a conserved motif similar to that corresponding to the phosphatase active site in E. In addition, the properties of the che Z deletion mutant revealed that ORS Che Z is involved in other physiological processes, since it displayed increased flocculation, biofilm formation, exopolysaccharide EPS production, and host root colonization.

In particular, it was observed that the expression of several exp genes, involved in EPS synthesis, was upregulated in the che Z mutant compared to that in the wild type, suggesting that Che Z negatively controls exp gene expression through an unknown mechanism. It is proposed that Che Z influences the Azorhizobium -plant association by negatively regulating early colonization via the regulation of EPS production.

This report established that Che Z in A. Once again, the Open Day was a great success and brought together more than 50 families for two information sessions, which included: a general presentation of the establishment by the Headmistress, and a visit of the facilities led by the Headmistress and her deputy. At the end of the visit, parents were invited for a drink. The management team was delighted to offer the parents the opportunity to participate in this event, where everyone could express their views, ask questions and find answers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Site-specific and synergistic stimulation of methylation on the bacterial chemotaxis receptor Tsr by serine and Che W. Full Text Available Abstract Background Specific glutamates in the methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins MCPs of Escherichia coli are modified during sensory adaptation. Attractants that bind to MCPs are known to increase the rate of receptor modification, as with serine and the serine receptor Tsr, which contributes to an increase in the steady-state adapted methylation level.

However, MCPs form ternary complexes with two cytoplasmic signaling proteins, the kinase Che A and an adaptor protein Che W, but their influences on receptor methylation are unknown. Here, the influence of Che W on the rate of Tsr methylation has been studied to identify contributions to the process of adaptation.

Results Methyl group incorporation was measured in a series of membrane samples in which the Tsr molecules were engineered to have one available methyl-accepting glutamate residue , , or The relative rates at these sites 0. The addition of Che W generated unexpectedly large and site-specific rate increases, equal to or larger than the increases produced by serine.

The rate increases were even larger when serine and Che W were added together, larger than the sums of the increases produced by serine and Che W added separately except site four. This resulted in substantially larger serine-stimulated increases when Che W was present. Also, Che W enhanced methylation rates when either two or all four sites were available. Conclusion The increase in the rate of receptor methylation upon Che W binding contributes significantly to the ligand specificity and kinetics of sensory adaptation. The synergistic effect of. Che Shift-2 resolves a local inconsistency between two X-ray crystal structures.

The availability of NMR resonance assignments that included the region of the inconsistency provided an opportunity for independent validation of the Che Shift-2 server. Previous NOE measurements had demonstrated that the position of a tryptophan ring in the region immediately N-terminal in this region was not consistent with either structure. The consensus between all of these measures suggests that the Che Shift-2 server operates well under circumstances in which backbone chemical shifts are available but where local plasticity may render X-ray structural data ambiguous.

Although the CITAC organisation [1] was founded on traceability, it embraces a variety of concepts allocated specifically to quality assurance. Collaboration with other organisations that promote practices and procedures of quality assurance is essential, and appointed liaison persons The Pseudomonas aeruginosa chemotaxis methyltransferase Che R1 impacts on bacterial surface sampling. Full Text Available The characterization of factors contributing to the formation and development of surface-associated bacterial communities known as biofilms has become an area of intense interest since biofilms have a major impact on human health, the environment and industry.

Various studies have demonstrated that motility, including swimming, swarming and twitching, seems to play an important role in the surface colonization and establishment of structured biofilms. Thereby, the impact of chemotaxis on biofilm formation has been less intensively studied. Pseudomonas aeruginosa has a very complex chemosensory system with two Che systems implicated in flagella-mediated motility. In this study, we demonstrate that the chemotaxis protein Che R1 is a methyltransferase that binds S-adenosylmethionine and transfers a methyl group from this methyl donor to the chemoreceptor PctA, an activity which can be stimulated by the attractant serine but not by glutamine.

We furthermore demonstrate that Che R1 does not only play a role in flagella-mediated chemotaxis but that its activity is essential for the formation and maintenance of bacterial biofilm structures. We propose a model in which motility and chemotaxis impact on initial attachment processes, dispersion and reattachment and increase the efficiency and frequency of surface sampling in P. The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity landed in Gale crater in August with the goal to identify and characterize habitable environments on Mars.

Curiosity has been studying a series of sedimentary rocks primarily deposited in fluviolacustrine environments approximately 3. Minerals in the rocks and soils on Mars can help place further constraints on these ancient aqueous environments, including pH, salinity, and relative duration of liquid water. The Chemistry and Mineralogy Che Min X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence instrument on Curiosity uses a Co X-ray source and charge-coupled device detector in transmission geometry to collect 2D Debye-Scherrer ring patterns of the less than micron size fraction of drilled rock powders or scooped sediments.

With an angular range of approximately 2. Che Min has returned quantitative mineral abundances from 16 mudstone, sandstone, and aeolian sand samples so far. The mineralogy of these samples is incredibly diverse, suggesting a variety of depositional and diagenetic environments and different source regions for the sediments. Results from Che Min have been essential for reconstructing the geologic history of Gale crater and addressing the question of habitability on ancient Mars.

Nuovi aspetti dello sviluppo ciclico dell'economia. New aspects of the cyclical development of the economy. Full Text Available Il lavoro individua alcuni insegnamenti che si possono trarre da analisi di Schumpeter dello sviluppo ciclico dell'economia e che possono aiutare a capire gli aspetti innovativi attualmente visualizzati da questo processo fondamentale In particolare , l'autore indica gli elementi che possono essere derivati dal analisi microeconomica di Schumpeter e da quella macroeconomica di Keynes ' di costruire un modello integrato di sviluppo ciclico dell'economia in condizioni attuali.

Egli conclude che ci sia molto da guadagnare , combinando elementi di analisi keynesiana della domanda e parte dell'analisi Schumpeter del progresso tecnico e della crescita efficace. He concludes that there is much to be gained by combining elements of Keynesian analysis of effective demand and parts of the Schumpeter analysis of technical progress and growth. Chemotaxis is the movement of cells in response to gradients of diverse chemical cues.

Motile bacteria utilize a conserved chemotaxis signal transduction system to bias their motility and navigate through a gradient. A central regulator of chemotaxis is the histidine kinase Che A. This cytoplasmic protein interacts with membrane-bound receptors, which assemble into large polar arrays, to propagate the signal.

In the alphaproteobacterium Azospirillum brasilense , Che 1 controls transient increases in swimming speed during chemotaxis, but it also biases the cell length at division. However, the exact underlying molecular mechanisms for Che 1-dependent control of multiple cellular behaviors are not known. Here, we identify specific domains of the Che A1 histidine kinase implicated in modulating each of these functions. We show that Che A1 is produced in two isoforms: a membrane-anchored isoform produced as a fusion with a conserved seven-transmembrane domain of unknown function TMX at the N terminus and a soluble isoform similar to prototypical Che A.

Site-directed and deletion mutagenesis combined with behavioral assays confirm the role of Che A1 in chemotaxis and implicate the TMX domain in mediating changes in cell length. Fluorescence microscopy further reveals that the membrane-anchored isoform is distributed around the cell surface while the soluble isoform localizes at the cell poles. Together, the data provide a mechanism for the role of Che 1 in controlling multiple unrelated cellular behaviors via acquisition of a new domain in Che A1 and production of distinct functional isoforms.

The molecular principles that underlie functional diversification of chemotaxis in various genomic contexts are unknown. Here, we provide a molecular. Che cosa e come conosciamo dal romanzo. This internship provided opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and skills in CHe CS engineering and operations tasks. Various and differing tasks allowed for occasions to work independently, network to get things done, and show leadership abilities. Specific exercises included reviewing hardware certification, operations, and documentation within the ongoing Med Kit Redesign MKR project, and learning, writing, and working various common pieces of paperwork used in the engineering and design process.

Another project focused on the distribution of various pieces of hardware to off-site research facilities with an interest in space flight health care. The main focus of this internship, though, was on a broad and encompassing understanding of the engineering process as time was spent looking at each individual step in a variety of settings and tasks. Nothing was undertaken at that time. Segregation studies considering the C5 variant were made among the Karitiana, and also among the Urubu-Kaapor and Munduruku tribes previously studied by Guerreiro et al [a, b].

The following year, the number of places was increased from 20 to 37 to meet demand. Feldman, S. The search for evidence of habitability, or of extant or extinct life on Mars, will initially be a search for evidence of past or present conditions supportive of life. The three key requirements for the emergence of life are thought to be liquid water; a suitable energy source; and chemical building blocks.

The Che Min instrument can provide information that is highly relevant to each of these habitability requirements as summarized below. An efficient program, which runs on a personal computer, for the storage, retrieval, and processing of chemical information, is presented, The program can work both as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with a specifically written Web server application or with some standard SQL servers, e.

New types of data fields are introduced, e. Che D has an open architecture; thus, custom data types, controls, and services may be added. A WWW server application for chemical data retrieval features an easy and user-friendly installation on Windows NT or 95 platforms. Fenomeni troposferici di trasporto e diffusione a grande scala posti in evidenza da traccianti radioattivi.

Analogamente, e in particolare, i fenomeni di diffusione si svolgonoa scale estremamente diverse: da quella submicroscopica molecolare deglistrati aderenti al stiolo, a quella continentale od emisferica delle onde cicloniche. Apparentemente non esiste una via di mezzo, come del resto in molti altri campi della fisica contemporanea. La presente monografia rappresenta appunto il tentativo di trovare questa via di mezzo: nel terzo capitolo, dedicato alle teorie sull'origine del campo geomagnetico, si cerca di descrivere qualitativamente i principali processi fisici proposti come sorgenti del campo, dopo un accenno ai fondamenti fisici e matematici sui quali sono state elaborate le varie teorie.

Senza farmi soverchie illusioni di essere riuscito nell'intento, mi dichiarerei tuttavia soddisfatto se questo lavoro destasse sull'argomento l'interesse di qualche giovane ricercatore, incoraggiandolo ad un approfondimento. We present Che SS, the "Chebyshev Sparse Solvers" library, which has been designed to solve typical problems arising in large-scale electronic structure calculations using localized basis sets.

The library is based on a flexible and efficient expansion in terms of Chebyshev polynomials and presently features the calculation of the density matrix, the calculation of matrix powers for arbitrary powers, and the extraction of eigenvalues in a selected interval. Che SS is able to exploit the sparsity of the matrices and scales linearly with respect to the number of nonzero entries, making it well-suited for large-scale calculations.

The approach is particularly adapted for setups leading to small spectral widths of the involved matrices and outperforms alternative methods in this regime. In addition, the approach based on Chebyshev polynomials can be massively parallelized, and Che SS exhibits excellent scaling up to thousands of cores even for relatively small matrix sizes. In addition to its role in DNA damage repair and recombination, the RecA protein, through its interaction with Che W, is involved in swarming motility, a form of flagella-dependent movement across surfaces.

In order to better understand how SOS response modulates swarming, in this work the location of RecA and Che W proteins within the swarming cells has been studied by using super-resolution microscopy. Further, and after in silico docking studies, the specific RecA and Che W regions associated with the RecA- Che W interaction have also been confirmed by site-directed mutagenesis and immunoprecipitation techniques. Our results point out that the Che W distribution changes, from the cell poles to foci distributed in a helical pattern along the cell axis when SOS response is activated or RecA protein is overexpressed.

In this situation, the Che W presents the same subcellular location as that of RecA, pointing out that the previously described RecA storage structures may be modulators of swarming motility. Data reported herein not only confirmed that the RecA- Che W pair is essential for swarming motility but it is directly involved in the Che W distribution change associated to SOS response activation. A model explaining not only the mechanism by which DNA damage modulates swarming but also how both the lack and the excess of RecA protein impair this motility is proposed.

Full Text Available In addition to its role in DNA damage repair and recombination, the RecA protein, through its interaction with Che W, is involved in swarming motility, a form of flagella-dependent movement across surfaces. European analytical column No. European analytical column no. Il Salento che abbiamo attraversato: Rina Durante e Bruno Brancher, il racconto di due vite diverse sulle strade di terra d'Otranto.

Anche per Bruno Brancher, milanese di tutti e di nessuno, il ricordo si fa memoria per le sue mille improvvise e imprevedibili incursioni in terra salentina. The main goal of this research paper is to show the electronic device design results while dealing with the location of thesedimentation tank on the leaching plant located on Ernesto Che Guevara factory. Nowadays there is no protection for this tank, thus, if it stops working it can only be noticed by the engine sunner on avisual way or when the extremely high figures of the pulp density are reflected on the available monitor system EROS.

The unnoticed misfunctioning of this device is caused mainly to easily solved reasons. Nevertheless, when not detected ontime, the mineral sedimentation is almost unavoidable which results on the losses of resources. The electronic proposal to substitute the electromagnetic scraps is very cheap and easily to reproduce on the factory itself forthe needed elements are classic with no resistance and manufacture demands. Keith E. Izzo sulla gorgia toscana o agli studi di P. Gaeng sulle iscrizioni latine cristiane - per citare solo due recenti autori fra i tanti che si possono elencare.

Si tratta della genesi in latina e dell'evoluzione negli idiomi romanzi degli avverbi formati con il morfema MENTE. L'opera di K. Karlsson rappresenta un contribute di notevole importanza allo studio del problema, cosa visibile anche dalla sua pubblicazione nella collana dei Beihefte alla ZrPh. Molteplici sono le ipotesi che possono spiegare tale evento: a insufficiente deplezione dei cloni patogeni; b persistenza di anticorpi patogeni; c alterazione primaria o secondaria della tolleranza dei B linfociti; d ricomparsa delle B cellule; e reminiscenza della malattie da parte di cellule diverse dai B linfociti, probabilmente T linfociti 1, Cherenkov and scintillation light separation on the Che SS experiment.

Separation of the scintillation and Cherenkov light produced in liquid scintillators enables outstanding capabilities for future particle detectors, the most relevant being: particle directionality information in a low energy threshold detector and improved particle identification.

The Che SS experiment uses an array of small, fast photomultipliers PMTs and state-of-the-art electronics to demonstrate the reconstruction of a Cherenkov ring in liquid scintillator using two techniques: based on the photon density and using the photon hit time information. A charged particle ionizing a scintillation medium produces a prompt Cherenkov cone and late isotropic scintillation light, typically delayed by several ns. The fast response of our PMTs and DAQ provides a precision well below the ns level, making possible the time separation.

Latest results on the separation for pure liquid scintillators and WbLS will be presented. Applications for the school year starting autumn will be accepted from Monday 17 March until Monday 30 June Members of the personnel must complete the enrolment formalities with the Meyrin infant education service themselves: Mairie de Meyrin Service de la Petite Enfance 2 rue des Boudines Case postale - Meyrin 1 - Tel. SI Notes. Indicates that although SI metric units have been officially recognized by law in the United States, U. Customary Units have never received a statutory basis.

En effet, depuis les travaux de P. Smith et J. Indeed, since the works of P. Smith and J. Combier, except the work of A. Barbiero, on the unifacial leaf-points and shouldered points from Baume d'Oullins, no complete study of these. The chemotaxis-like Che 1 pathway has an indirect role in adhesive cell properties of Azospirillum brasilense. The Azospirillum brasilense chemotaxis-like Che 1 signal transduction pathway was recently shown to modulate changes in adhesive cell surface properties that, in turn, affect cell-to-cell aggregation and flocculation behaviors rather than flagellar-mediated chemotaxis.

Attachment to surfaces and root colonization may be functions related to flocculation. Here, the conditions under which A. The nitrogen source available for growth is found to be a major modulator of surface attachment by A. However, Che 1-dependent signaling is shown to contribute indirectly to surface attachment, indicating that distinct mechanisms are likely underlying flocculation and attachment to surfaces in A. Published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. La narrazione orale tra bambini ed adulti: da flusso continuo a vena carsica?

MPV17 codifica per una piccola proteina idrofobica localizzata nella membrana mitocondriale interna con funzione sconosciuta. Per cercare di chiarire le basi molecolari che causano la patologia, abbiamo utilizzato il lievito S. Prato, S. The study was carried out comparing zoo benthic communities of two sampling sites, chosen upstream and downstream the sewage of the Research Centre.

Macro invertebrates were sampled using artificial substrates and standard hand net. Taxa number and distribution along along the watercourse were compared. Moreover, biotic index values I. Artificial substrates were also useful in establishing colonization patterns at each sampling site, and bio masses of individuals belonging to different trophic groups.

The results show the greater sampling effectiveness of artificial substrates, confirming their usefulness for establishing the environmental quality. Inoltre sono stati calcolati i valori degli indici biotici I. Indice Biotico Esteso utilizzando i dati ottenuti con le due metodologie di campionamento. I nostri. The structure and dynamic properties of the complete histidine phosphotransfer domain of the chemotaxis specific histidine autokinase Che A from Thermotoga maritima. The bacterial histidine autokinase Che A contains a histidine phosphotransfer Hpt domain that accepts a phosphate from the catalytic domain and donates the phosphate to either target response regulator protein, Che Y or Che B.

The Hpt domain forms a helix-bundle structure with a conserved four-helix bundle motif and a variable fifth helix. Observation of two nearly equally populated conformations in the crystal structure of a Hpt domain fragment of Che A from Thermotoga maritima containing only the first four helices suggests more mobility in a tightly packed helix bundle structure than previously thought.

In order to examine how the structures of Hpt domain homologs may differ from each other particularly in the conformation of the last helix, and whether an alternative conformation exists in the intact Hpt domain in solution, we have solved a high-resolution, solution structure of the Che A Hpt from T.

The structure contains a four-helix bundle characteristic of histidine phosphotransfer domains. The position and orientation of the fifth helix resembles those in known Hpt domain crystal and solution structures in other histidine kinases. The alternative conformation that was reported in the crystal structure of the Che A Hpt from T. The competition is open to everyone from Thursday, 1 February to Thursday, 15 March.

Good luck to all — may the best one win! The Rules of the Competition are available on both websites. Full Text Available This work presents the results obtained in carrying out the mass and energy balances in the calcining kiln of the company commander Ernesto Che Guevara, for determining the consumption index of petroleum used for obtaining nickel oxide through thermal decomposition of the basic nickel carbonate. Domestic allergens; Gli allergeni domestici. Closed rooms can be the ideal habitat for the growth of many micro-organisms, some of which pathogenic for man. Indoor biologic contamination sources can vary: 1 external air can, through dust particles or water droplets, transfer a large number of germs inside the house; 2 air conditioning plants can become, if maintenance isn't carried out at regular intervals, a cultural medium for microbes which later spread to the air of house or office; 3 the presence of sick people or healthy carriers of pathogenic germs in closed rooms can represent a significant source of biologic contamination; 4 lastly, pets too can be considered as disease carriers.

Particularly interesting is the so-called biologic dust - where mites proliferate - which, being trapped in curtains, carpeting, tapestry, fabrics and carpets, often causes respiratory system diseases. Le fonti di contaminaizone biologica indoor possono essere diverse: 1 l'aria esterna puo' trasferire all'interno, attraverso particelle di polvere o goccioline d'acqua, un gran numero di germi; 2 gli impianti di condizionamento possono divenire, quando non si effettua una corretta manutenzione periodica, terreno di coltura di microbi che successivamente si diffondono nell'aria dell'abitazione o dell'ufficio; 3 la presenza in locali chiusi di persone malate o portatrici sane di germi patogeni puo' costituire un'importante sorgente di contaminazione biologica; 4 infine anche gli animali domestici possono essere considerati vettori di malattie.

Di particolare interesse sono le polveri cosidette biologiche, in cui proliferano gli acari, che , essendo trattenute da tendaggi, parati, moquette, tessuti e tappeti, provocano frequentemente malattie dell'apparato respiratorio. Classes for children aged between two and four years have been set-up to ensure the initial transition from home to school is as smooth as possible.

The challenge of these classes is to offer the children a happy environment where they can feel emotionally secure, and the teaching staff can create a harmonious atmosphere allowing them to learn by moving, manipulating, exchanging, making mistakes… playing. Creativity takes a central role as it enables the child to express him or herself and increase their ability to handle their emotions constructively.

Consistent with this hypothesis, we found both genes expressed in cells previously implicated in sensory functions during male courtship. These results are consistent with operon-like transcription of Che B42a and llz and explain the similar contributions of these genes to courtship behavior. Animals, however, also have a nuanced symbolic role that impacts the way people behave with each other by embodying cultural protocols of proper — and not so proper — behaviour. They appear repeatedly in storytelling and proverbs to reference qualities that people need to avoid or pursue and learn from the moral of the story in which animals interplay with each other, just as humans do.

For example, someone who wants to prevent the consequences of greed is often advised to heed hyena stories and proverbs. My contribution elaborates on Brian Morris's instrumental work in south-central Africa, which has permitted us to elucidate the symbolism of certain animals and the perception of landscape for Indigenous populations in this region. Interventi delle banche centrali sul mercato dei cambi a termine.

Reclutamento e formazione dei poliziotti: il caso degli ufficiali della gendarmeria francese. Full Text Available Partendo dal caso degli ufficiali della gendarmeria francese, questo articolo illustra il modo in cui il reclutamento e la formazione possono contribuire, informalmente, alla ripartizione del potere nelle organizzazioni di polizia.

A chemotaxis response regulator Che Y3 from V. The crystals of Che Y3 diffracted to 1. Vibrio cholerae is the aetiological agent of the severe diarrhoeal disease cholera. This highly motile organism uses the processes of motility and chemotaxis to travel and colonize the intestinal epithelium. Chemotaxis in V. In contrast to the single copy of the chemotaxis response-regulator protein Che Y in E. This interaction is the key step that controls flagellar rotation in response to environmental stimuli. Che Y3 has been cloned, overexpressed and purified by Ni—NTA affinity chromatography followed by gel filtration.

Crystals of Che Y3 were grown in space group R3, with a calculated Matthews coefficient of 2.

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Here, a technician is monitoring the Confined Helium Experiment, or CHe X, that will use microgravity to study one of the basic influences on the behavior and properties of materials by using liquid helium confined between silicon disks. Novel activation domain derived from Che -1 cofactor coupled with the artificial protein Jazz drives utrophin upregulation. Our aim is to upregulate the expression level of the dystrophin related gene utrophin in Duchenne muscular dystrophy, thus complementing the lack of dystrophin functions.

To this end, we have engineered synthetic zinc finger based transcription factors. We have previously shown that the artificial three-zinc finger protein named Jazz fused with the Vp16 activation domain, is able to bind utrophin promoter A and to increase the endogenous level of utrophin in transgenic mice. This transcriptional activation domain is amino acids in size and it is very powerful as compared to the Vp16 activation domain. We show that CJ7 protein efficiently promotes transcription and accumulation of the acetylated form of histone H3 on the genomic utrophin promoter locus.

Effetti di serie: semiotica della dipendenza televisiva. Molti commentatori paragonano questo fenomeno alla tossicodipendenza, e una recente ricerca psicologica Hoon Hi Sung, Eun Yeon Kang, Wei-Na Lee collega la dipendenza da serie alla depressione. E quali effetti producono le frequenti e prolungate immersioni nei mondi seriali sulla percezione collettiva del mondo reale? Proposte di lavoro multilaterale possono essere costruite ispirandosi a differenti discipline sportive che presentano similitudini quali, ad esempio, gesti ed attrezzi.

Imprenditoria femminile: cos’è e quante la fanno davvero nel 12222

Nella pratica sportiva alcuni allenatori, alla continua ricerca di idee innovative per ampliare le proprie proposte di lavoro sul campo, talvolta si ispirano ad altre discipline sportive. Ma due discipline sportive molto diverse tra loro possono realizzare proposte di lavoro traversali per una formazione multilaterale? In seguito, viene nominato Ispettore capo veterinario e Responsabile per la politica di controllo delle frontiere.

Nel , Louis sposa Janine, moglie affezionata che lo appoggia con ardore in ogni fase della sua carriera e perde la vita in un incidente un mese prima che il marito vada in pensione nel Rieletto nel , si ritira dalla vita lavorativa nel Prima la musica: insegnare il melodramma a Oxford negli Anni Le pagine che seguono costituiscono un ripensamento sistematico di quelle riflessioni, nella speranza che esse possano tuttora risultare di qualche interesse a chi riflette sulla didattica del melodramma in Italia.

A new LIFE: oltre la didattica d'aula. A five year study. Full Text Available Introduction and Objectives: The appearance of nosocomial bacterial resistance represents a problem of growing concern because it largely affects the evolution of patients and the health resources devoted to it. The objective of this work was to determine the most common germs and their microbial resistance.

Methods: A descriptive retrospective study was carried out analyzing the result of the isolation of germs from all type of secretions and from the blood cultures of a group ofpatients hospitalized at the Ernesto Che Guevara Cardiology Hospital in a five year period. Results: A total of strains were isolated, 77 Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacteriaceae. The Staphylococcus sensitive to methicillin presented 4. The strains resistant to methicillin or oxacillin had a high resistance to gentamicin Conclusions: the Staphylococcus aureus and the Enterobacteriaceae were the most common germs.

The preoperative prophylaxis in these patients must not be done with cefazolin as a routine because the staphylococci resistant to methicillin or oxacillin have influence on other antimicrobials. Il desiderio Kitsch: i troppi paradisi di Walter Siti. Atomistic structural ensemble refinement reveals non-native structure stabilizes a sub-millisecond folding intermediate of Che Y. The dynamics of globular proteins can be described in terms of transitions between a folded native state and less-populated intermediates, or excited states, which can play critical roles in both protein folding and function.

Excited states are by definition transient species, and therefore are difficult to characterize using current experimental techniques. We report an atomistic model of the excited state ensemble of a stabilized mutant of an extensively studied flavodoxin fold protein Che Y. We employed a hybrid simulation and experimental approach in which an aggregate 42 milliseconds of all-atom molecular dynamics were used as an informative prior for the structure of the excited state ensemble.

The most striking feature of the resulting excited state ensemble was an unstructured N-terminus stabilized by non-native contacts in a conformation that is topologically simpler than the native state. We then predict incisive single molecule FRET experiments, using these results, as a means of model validation. Our study demonstrates the paradigm of uniting simulation and experiment in a statistical model to study the structure of protein excited states and rationally design validating experiments.

Emozione e somatizzazione. Full Text Available Consacreremo la prima parte di quest'articolo alle manifestazioni corporee dell'emozione. E' l'aspetto soggettivo e le loro ripercussioni che c'interessa. Quali significati possono avere le emozioni per la persona che le prova? Questi temi saranno l'oggetto della seconda parte. Il razzismo: il riconoscimento negato Renate Siebert. Molecules as nanomagnets.

The design and the synthesis of molecular clusters which give rise to slow relaxation of the magnetization at low temperature are the focus of a great interdisciplinary interest, because they provide unique materials to test the theories of quantum tunneling of the magnetization. A short review is provided here of the best systems so far discovered, outlining the possible relevance of this new class of materials to future applications. In questo articolo vengono brevemente passati in rassegna i migliori sistemi fin qui scoperti e vengono date alcune indicazioni per la possibile importanza di questa nuova classe di materiali per applicazioni future.