The Real You is Skinny

The Truth About Diets According to Kate
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Because after all that is what food is for, to nourish us and sustain us. Diets make us disconnected from food which makes eating complicated and stressful. They want you to believe that you are unable to eat without being told what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. They want you to doubt yourself. This is how diets and complicated eating programs make us feel. Following a diet and all its unmanageable rules can be depressing, draining and even affect your relationships and your social life.

Once you learn to trust your body, to trust your own instincts then it is life changing. The trick is to give yourself permission for food to make you happy, for food to be your friend.


Dieting turns food into your enemy and filling up your headspace and time and energy with enemies leads you on a destructive path of bitterness and hate. When you can eat chocolate, not because it is naughty or bad, just because you feel like eating it!

How amazing would that be? This may sound out of reach to you if you are used to following a structured and rigid eating plan AKA a diet. And life.

The Truth About Diets According to Kate

And happy. Diets only focus on weight loss and a number that you will have to achieve on the scales before you can reach your happy place. Being happy is NOT dependant on an arbitrary number on a scale. I spoke to a lady who had lost a lot of weight on a popular diet program.

If loving your body sounds completely out of reach, start with treating your body as your best friend. Say nice things to her, dress her up and take her to places that make her happy. Do more of the things she loves doing. Try this for a week and watch your reflection change. Getting fit is not the point of life.


No-one cares. No one cares what I am eating. Green tea is an important antioxidant, but it will only help you lose weight if you drink 40 cups a day. I'm also a great believer in a skinny latte once in a while — or every morning, in my case. Holford says: "Traditionally, when the Chinese want another cup of tea, they'll keep the same leaves and add water to the pot.

That's like only using one teabag a day — which means much less caffeine. Try regular, gentle exercise such as tai chi. A sweaty workout might shed fat, but it is stressful for your body. Energetic, aerobic workouts are yang — they heat us up — while breathing exercises are yin. Although no one has worked out how to measure chi, the vital energy that these exercises promote, it's a real thing that can easily be experienced.

Many trials now show benefits to energy levels and immunity from these chi-generating exercises. Marber says: "Tai chi gives you a sense of balance, calm and peacefulness. Sweating it out at the gym is the precise opposite, but I can't help it — I'm vain, shallow and modern. I think we've got a really messed-up view of how the body should look, and that it's how we look, rather than how we feel, that matters. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.


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Sophie Morris explains how it works - and nutritionists give their verdict

Pinterest Facebook. Mark Steel. Mark Steel. Subscribe to Independent Minds to debate the big issues Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? These fats don't raise blood cholesterol levels and may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Holford says: "Thirst is often confused with hunger. A few studies from the mids concluded that dieters who consumed dairy lost more weight than dieters who did not.

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Weight loss is hard — but keeping the weight off is even harder

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Hi, I'm Alyssa, and not long ago, I became tired of being fat The Real You is Skinny - Kindle edition by Alyssa Dahl. The Real You is Skinny: Isn't it Time You Made the Acquaintance? [Alyssa M Dahl] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You may feel like you.

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Are You a Skinny Fat Person? 10 Steps to Cure the Skinny Fat Syndrome

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