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Élisabeth of France
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Understanding the French Expression "Avoir l'air"

We've noticed you're adblocking. Every evening, at six, Mesdames interrupted my reading to them to accompany the princes to Louis XV. Mesdames put on an enormous hoop, which set out a petticoat ornamented with gold or embroidery; they fastened a long train round their waists, and concealed the undress of the rest of their clothing by a long cloak of black taffety which enveloped them up to the chin.

In a moment the whole palace, generally so still, was in motion; the King kissed each Princess on the forehead, and the visit was so short that the reading which it interrupted was frequently resumed at the end of a quarter of an hour; Mesdames returned to their apartments, and untied the strings of their petticoats and trains; they resumed their tapestry, and I my book. The Mesdames had a good relationship with the children of their brother, and it was said that they "proved that piety is not incompatible with intellectual charm.

The Mesdames used to alternate with the Countess of Provence in accompanying Marie Antoinette on official assignments.

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In , this state of affairs created a serious rift in the relationship between the King and Marie Antoinette, and Empress Maria Theresa and her ambassador, concerned by the political consequences if this rift were to lead to a conflict between France and Austria, forced the Dauphine to agree to speak to Madame du Barry. Despite the fact that the sisters never had the disease and the male members of the royal family, as well as the Dauphine, were kept away because of the high risk of catching the illness, the Mesdames were allowed to attend to him until his death, being female and therefore of no political importance because of the Salic Law even if they died.

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The sisters had in fact been infected by their father and fell ill with smallpox from which they recovered , and were kept in quarantine on a little house near the Palace of Choisy, to which the court evacuated after the death of the king until their recovery. Madame Adelaide thus played an important role in the forming of the new government, and the recovery of her and her sisters from smallpox in late May was regretted by the friends of the ex-ministers, Madame du Deffand commenting: "The avenging angel has shielded his sword.

We shall again see the three spinsters at the new court, where they will continue their small minded plots.

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At the beginning of his reign, the confidence Louis XVI felt for Madame Adelaide sometime extended to state affairs, and he thought her intelligent enough to make her his political adviser and allowed her to make appointments to the Treasury and to draw on its funds. Their nephew the king allowed the sisters to keep their apartments in the Palace of Versailles, and they kept attending court at special occasions - such as for example at the visit of Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor , who reportedly charmed Adelaide.

The Mesdames did not get along well with queen Marie-Antoinette.

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When the queen introduced the new custom of informal evening family suppers, as well as other habits which undermined the formal court etiquette, it resulted in an exodus of the old court nobility in opposition to the queen's reforms, which gathered in the salon of the Mesdames. We dined there. The Princess is thin and wizened; she walks about the gardens in a dress made like a riding-habit, and a man's round hat. Revolutionary laws against the Catholic Church caused them to apply for passports from their nephew the king to travel on pilgrimage to the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome, and Louis XVI signed their passports and notified the Cardinal de Bernis , the French Ambassador to Rome, of their arrival.

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La Princesse is a metre (foot) mechanical spider designed and operated by French . Upon reaching Lime Street the spider was met by huge fans, which blew air to attempted to . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Malabar Princess is a French film directed by Gilles Legrand. The film is about a young It was Flight , a Lockheed Constellation aircraft of Air India, which had crashed at 4, meters above sea level. One of the engines of Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Download as PDF · Printable version.

On 3 February , when they were about to leave, anonymous intimation of their intention was sent to the Jacobin Club, which caused a deputation of protest to the National Assembly. The Mesdames were warned and left the chateau in the carriage of a visitor before having the time to bring their baggage wagons, which were, however, protected and sent after them by general Louis-Alexandre Berthier. Their departure was given attention in the press.

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The Chroniqle de Paris wrote: "Two Princesses, sedentary by condition, age, and taste, are suddenly possessed by a mania for travelling and running about the world. That is singular, but possible.

French expressions analyzed and explained

They are going, so people say, to kiss the Pope's slipper. That is droll, but edifying. That is natural. That is fine. But they carry away twelve millions. That is very ugly.

Already the Grand Master of Malta has caused Madame Adelaide to be informed that he will give her his heart and hand as soon as she has quitted France, and that she may count upon the assistance of three galleys and forty-eight cavaliers, young and old. Our Holy Father undertakes to marry Victoire and promises her his army of three hundred men to bring about a counter-revolution.